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Every time I see a FB friend proudly declare that they've silenced all mention of politics on the feed because it's all just negging, I'm sort of amazed that they think they're privileged enough not to have any of this affect them at all. Sure, the "get over it, it'll be fine" assholes are mostly white men, but the number of white women and MOC who put up statuses like this make me feel SERIOUSLY JUDGEY.


Thank you to those who marched. Thank you to those who are organizing and fighting back. Here's a good list of places to send money if you also have no political voice/vote in any country. (Expat for too long.)

Jane the Virgin continues to delight. The humor (The puns! The total disregard for the 4th wall via the narrator!) and political snark is totally on point, as are all the character dynamics. I lovelovelove how every single character gets their own POV explored! Nobody is a foil or a prop- they're all their own people, with their own selfish (and unselfish) motivations, actively writing their own stories. This show totally deserves all the accolades it got in S1, although it makes me sad that the ratings remain lackluster. :(((

Anyway, this GIF of Jane pretty much sums me up right now:
jane ew gross

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Day 10

In your own space, share your love for a trope, cliché, kink, motif, or theme. (More than one is okay, too.) Tell us about it, tell us why you love it, give us some examples and recs.

Mutual pining and Mirroring )  
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Day 2

In your own space, share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life. Something that impacted on your consciousness in a way that left its mark on your soul.

My first couple of fandoms changed the way I interacted with media- instead of just consuming, I analyzed minutely; I created something back. The AN at the end of my first fic makes me smile a little now with its bewildered: am I even allowed to write a story about somebody else's story? Is this plagiarism? Or blasphemy? I just REALLY NEEDED TO WRITE THIS OKAY DON'T SUE ME.  And all because the ending of The Bartimaeus trilogy pissed me off to no end. (I might have a slightly more mature response now. Not sure. LOL I still write fic in response to NOPE INCORRECT feelings but half the time it's because fandom is being gross instead of me expecting the most happily-ever-after ending.)

My second fandom (FFVII) was the first really interactive one- I helped oversee fic awards, logged in daily to a chat to debate meta, and wrote over 60000 words of fic. I still occasionally see two friends from that time on LJ and tumblr now, but for the most part that circle has totally dispersed.

I also have to mention TVD- this is the first fandom I was in where canon was still being made. Interview spoilers! Stalking actors on social media to figure out if they were filming! Trying to guess character arcs from episode synopses! Getting attacked on my blog after expressing anti-ship opinions nowhere near the ship space/tags! FUN TIMES. XD I don't watch or HAVE INTENSE FANNISH FEELINGS AND/OR CAPSLOCK OPINIONS anymore, but I still like to see TVD GIFsets scroll by on my dash and fandom friends squee over the way narrative arcs have played out. (I don't think that we ever truly leave fandoms, I think they just hold our interest to a lesser degree.) 

One of the sad things about fandom is that sometimes these people you have fantastic chats with will just up and disappear. I kind of wonder what they are doing now. Did fandom-famous author ever get published after flouncing? Did very young writer ever go to Uni? Are any of them dead and I just don't know it? So I guess I want to say: thank you for being in my life, for engaging with me over this great piece of media. It was a fun ride. (Also your ship is still not canon, okay.)

Hmm, I think I might have lost the plot a bit. LOL Um, here, have a list of other media that has had a formative impact on me even if I'm not particularly fannish over them:

Matilda by Roald Dahl

Star Wars (the original trilogy)

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Dragonflight and Damia by Anne McCaffrey

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Super Mario Bros.

Grey's Anatomy

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Every Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ever

The Joy Luck Club (1993)

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So this was going to be a straightforward squee post about Rogue One, which we saw yesterday.

Spoilers galora. )


Dec. 7th, 2016 12:30 pm
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SUCH AN AMAZING MOVIE. I haven't been so moved by an animated film since Frozen, and the themes are arguably similar (the search for identity, the importance of family, perseverance in the face of monstrous defeat) and yet not (wanderlust as one of Moana's defining and redeeming character traits, the value of culture and history on one's personal choices). Plus the music is awesome (Alessia Cara sings the ending version of the theme!), and I keep tearing up at this song:

WATCH IT. It's an inspiring, thought provoking and emotionally satisfying journey. Plus it's a pretty narrative for an actual historical puzzle. SO MUCH LOVE. Now pardon me while I play the soundtrack to death.
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Wow. Finished at last.
It's both cool and weird at the same time.
Thinking back to when I was first writing Aftermath, with the idea burning in my head amidst the frenzy of wedding preparations, I feel incredibly gratified that the story has come this far. It was just a little Cloud/Tifa fic. They sooo needed a break from what canon was tossing them. And I had a few ideas for other chapters. So in Oct/Nov last year, I sketched out a rough plan- it looks like this:

The rest under here... )  about the original version of A Taste of Home. Am I a writer or a storyteller? Do I tell instead of show? Is there a flair to my writing? These are questions she brought up that I still ask myself  as I write/edit my chapters. While I won't claim that I'm a good writer now, I think I'm a much better one than I was a few months ago. And like teaching, where you go back over a lesson to see how you could have taught it better, I think that ongoing self-scrutiny is what leads to improvement.

Part of the experiment was also seeing how well I could work with deadlines. The verdict? I did well getting out chapters every month... until I got pregnant. Hey, you try writing when you're falling asleep in front of the keyboard! :P Jonathan Stroud recently wrote in his NaNoWriMo pep talk about how writers have to be dedicated to writing under pressure. A year's deadline is actually only 5 or 6 months when considering all the editing, etc. that a book also needs to go through.It takes dedication and a certain amount of "forcing yourself" to get that first draft out. And since this was supposed to be practice for writing my own novel, I'm feeling buoyant about my future as a novelist. (BTW, I'm not doing NaNo, but I got a peek at the pep talk through somebody in the Bartimeaus community! LJ, I <3 you.)

Another part was keeping it realistic. I did a lot of research, both in my canon sources to make sure my characterizations were accurate, and on scientific things like solar energy. This was actually something Stroud recommended on bartiforums that I read ages ago. Want to make your fantasy story believable? Look it up, and stick in proper details. It's a lot of work for a line or two, but then it no longer sounds like you are just making stuff up. Yes, your readers can tell when you have no idea what you are talking about. And actually, the geeky part of me found this a lot of fun. Bioluminescent creatures are pretty cool!

Another thing I tried was writing in different styles. Could I make it clear who was talking through simply dialogue? What if I had two time-lines? Am I any good at writing an action sequence? (Something I avoided for a long time- until a reviewer mentioned it.) Creating suspense? Making a scene sparkly and euphoric? Maybe. I tried, anyway. You know what they say about practice...

I also experimented with symbology and themes- Square's "wolf" interpretation of Cloud's character, for example. Was I successful? I don't know- honestly, I think I've only had a single reviewer notice the deeper themes. So this probably still needs work. But I don't mind- I like knowing they're there, at least.

In my quest for improvement, I joined the Genesis Awards forum. Not just a forum where the LTD is done to death, but one where fanfiction writers actually talk about writing. It's amazing what sort of tips you can pick up by reading through old threads. And in getting some in-depth feedback from another member, I realized that, for example, my knowledge of punctuation was not up to standard. (It still isn't. Sigh. Double dashes still look weird to me, [ profile] wheatear .) I also started to read a lot more critically- both my own work, and that of others.

It wasn't until Full Circle got nominated (for which [ profile] abrogate_nadir  gets eternal gratitude!) that I finally got a beta, though. (Ha! Irony!) It was great to have that second critical opinion of my work. It made me a lot more confident about publishing, and I've actually done few retro-edits to Level Up, Preludes and Full Circle (Epilogue)- something I used to do compulsively for the other chapters.

Actually, I'll still be editing- judging is just around the corner, and I want it to be in the best shape possible before it goes before them. I have no idea when I'll start writing again, but I think "Crucible" will be my next project. A short little 5 chapter fic that will require loads of research. Sounds like fun, right? :)


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