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Fic/meta with links and mini-summaries here. Comment if you would like me to add you too- I f-lock more personal entries.

Feel free to translate, podfic and/or create fanart, fic or fanmixes based on my fics. Please just let me know, and link back to mine!

Similarly, all icons I create can be used as bases and re-transformed if you give me credit (and comment, so I don't call you out!) If you want to use my GIFs in your meta post, just credit.

Please do not archive or re-post any of my creative works elsewhere. This includes icons or GIFs into a tumblr set. (It's also against tumblr's TOS.)

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"We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to." W. Somerset Maugham
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Title: Stay (Discretion Ch. 2)
Fandom: Compilation of FFVII
Characters: Rufus Shinra/Reeve Tuesti
Rating/Warnings: M, smut, reference to canon-typical homophobia
Word Count: around 4000
Summary: Not really sure how to feel about it/something in the way you move/makes me feel like I can't live without you

Stay )

Blind Faith

May. 9th, 2017 06:48 am
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Fandom: Star Wars (Rogue One)
Characters: Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor, (background) Chirrut Imwe/Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook, Davits Draven
Rating/Warnings: M, sex, temporary blindness, medical jargon
Word Count: 3599
Summary: Post-Canon Fix-it through the OT timeline

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

Space Swap reveal )


Or read it on AO3 here


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Ganked from [personal profile] sharpest_asp 

I actually just looked at the numbers a few days ago, so this is good timing! (I'm nearing the end of my latest notebook, where I plot out fic arcs, bingos and GIFsets, so I wanted a summary.) Plus OTW is currently doing another drive for funds- I spend a lot of time on AO3, so I was happy to donate. One thing: I wish AO3 did stats by chapter, like ffnet does! 

Total: 31 works, 203489 words posted since 2013. In general: I write an average of 3439 words per piece/chapter (although they range from 100 to 8500 words), and I tend to complete one thing every three weeks or so. 

Numbers blahblahblah )


Apr. 13th, 2017 09:45 pm
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Title: Bound
Fandom: The Originals
Characters: Davina Claire/Kol Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson, Vincent Griffith
Rating/Warnings: K+, implied pregnancy, AU (Davina is resurrected, Kol is Cured)
Word Count: 1029
Summary: We've seen werewolves marry in this canon, but never two witches...

Bound )


Apr. 3rd, 2017 04:38 pm
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Title: Halo (A Third Path)
Fandom: Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Characters: Anakin Skywalker/Padmé Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Typho, Sheev Palpatine|Darth Sidious
Warnings/Rating: none, T
Word Count: 7200 or so
Summary:  What if the relationship dynamics of their marriage remained the same as at the end of AotC? 

(every rule I had you breakin’/it’s the risk that I’m taking/I ain’t ever gonna shut you out) )
nrgburst: Taki/Mitsuha (Red string of fate)
Fandom: Kimi no Na wa | 君の名は | Your name
Characters: Miyamizu Mitsuha/Tachibana Taki
Rating/Warnings: T, non-explicit sex, crossing timelines
Word Count: 1269
Summary: Because some bonds are soul deep.

Deep Tie Knot )

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Title: Collateral
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Padmé Amidala & her handmaidens, Jobal Naberrie, implied Anidala and F/F relationships
Rating/Warnings: G, none
Word Count: 2915
Summary: “This is my decoy, my protection, my loyal bodyguard.” ("We are brave, your highness.")

Collateral )

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Title: Breaking Fasts (Newton's Second Law)
Fandom: The Martian
Characters: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen, Mark Watney/Mindy Park (background), Melissa Lewis, Rick Martinez, Alex Vogel
Rating/Warnings: T, none
Word Count: 3506
Summary: Ares 3 in the first year after. (Beth-centric, Johanbeck)
(The rate of change of a body is proportional to the force applied.)


Breaking Fasts )
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Day 5

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Here, have 15!

Multifandom fic, GIFsets and fanart recs )


Dec. 12th, 2016 09:29 pm
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Fandom: Moana
Characters: Moana/Maui, Tui/Sina, Heihei, The Ocean
Rating/Warnings: M, aged-up character, masturbation, non-explicit sex, trope: marriage
Word Count: 3270
Summary:“I am a demigod, okay? Stop that! I will smite you! You want to get… smote? Smoten?” (Reinterpreting the death myth of Maui)

Smitten )

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Fandom: The Originals
Characters: Kol Mikaelson/Davina Claire
Rating/Warnings: T, none
Word Count: 978
Summary: Wish fulfillment resurrection fic. (Filming spoilers are giving me such hope. Ugh.) Callbacks and parallels but likely to be totally AU. :P

And like a phoenix, I rise )

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Title: Coming to Rest
Fandom: The Martian (Andy Weir)
Characters: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen, Melissa Lewis, Venkat Kapoor, Annie Montrose, Mitch Henderson, Bruce Ng, Alex Vogel, Rick Martinez, Amy Beck, OFCs
Rating/Warnings: T, language
Word Count: 9000 or so
Summary: Because "The Icarus Maneuver" would have been way more accurate. (And the pretending comes to an end.)

This is the final part of Newton's First Law, and it's focused on what happens on the Hermes in the missing 7 months while Watney is making the rover mods. It's not as shippy as the first two chapters, and is easily readable as a standalone one-shot.

Coming to rest )


Nov. 3rd, 2016 03:38 pm
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Title: Friction (Newton's First Law Ch. 2)
Fandom: The Martian
Characters: Christopher Beck/Beth Johanssen, Melissa Lewis, Alex Vogel, Rick Martinez
Rating/Warnings: T, language (but if you've seen the movie or read the book, well...)
Word Count: 5500 or so
Summary: Because sometimes our own biology creates conflict

Friction )
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Title: Collision
Fandom: The Martian (Andy Weir)
Characters: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen
Rating/Warnings: T, none
Word Count: 3000 or so
Summary: Because there are ways to shake inertia, even in space.

Newton's First Law )


May. 5th, 2016 10:27 pm
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Fandom: The Originals
Characters: Davina Claire/Kol Mikaelson
Rating/Warnings: M/Bloodplay, Sex, Major Character Death, canon compliant up to 3x19
Word Count: 725
Summary: (For Trope Bingo: First Time/Last Time)
She knows he'd rather die than hurt her.
It's funny how we can be wrong and right at the same time.

Unmasked )

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Title: In Limine Somnia (On the threshold of dreams)
Fandom: The Originals
Characters: Kol Mikaelson/Davina Claire, Joshua Rosza
Rating/Warnings: T, none
Word Count: 1150 or so
Summary: Missing scenes in the three days between 3x14 and 3x15. Kolvina, Davina&Josh

In limine somnia )

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I am so pleased I still have this icon. :DDDD

Soooo I've been watching every week since 3x11 and now I am fully committed (as in, I've been binging) because YESSSS THEY BROUGHT BACK KOL FOR REAL.

So judging from the promoSpoilers for 3x15 )

Also I wrote a Kolvina drabble for[ profile] ishi_chan

Title: Lecherous Heart
Characters: Davina Claire/Kol Mikaelson
Rating/Warnings: T, none
Word Count: 100
Summary: Straight after the last scene in 3x14

Lecherous Heart )


Feb. 15th, 2016 09:24 am
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Title: Angel
Fandom: Star Wars Prequels
Characters: Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala, R2-D2, C-3PO, The Naberrie family, (Padme-centric)
Word Count: around 5300
Rating/Warnings: T- suggestive language
Summary: in the arms of the angel/fly away from here

Angel )


Jan. 20th, 2016 11:52 pm
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Title: Human (Chp. 2 of A Third Path)
Fandom: Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy
Characters: Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sheev Palpitine|Darth Sidious, (Anakin-centric)
Rating/Warnings: M, non-explicit sex
Word Count: ~3800
Summary: you build me up and then I fall apart/'cause I'm only human

Human )


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