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Dear chocolate box writer/artist,


Thanks so much for making something for me! My first year to participate here and I’m so excited to join the fun!


I’m NRGburst everywhere- here’s my tumblr and AO3 if you want to get a look at things I like.


I prefer things that are canon compliant. Missing scenes or canon fix-its are right up my alley! Details like callbacks and parallels make me really happy when I find them in fic or art. I also like scientific/medical realism, honest characterization (including acknowledging the social networks characters belong to) and humor. As for tropes: I like happy/hopeful endings, friends to lovers, first/last time, enemies to lovers, grand sacrifices for others, reunions, and mutual pining.


I adore nicely structured fics. 5+1s, fics with epistolary breaks, intersecting character arcs: these all make my heart go pitter patter!

I don't usually read: A/B/O, modern AUs, crossover/fusions, kidfic

I’m okay with any amount of romance/sex, from just acknowledging a mutual attraction with barely touching hands to PWP to married.

No non-con please, even as backstory.

As for relationship dynamics, I usually prefer the woman to have more hard power than the man in my het ships. I find the characters start out with unquestioning mutual respect this way? 


As for art, here’s my fanart tag on my tumblr to get an idea of what I squee over. :D 

The Martian 

Mark Watney/Mindy Park, Beck/Johanssen, Ares 3 crew as family

There is an actual dearth of Mark Watney/Mindy Park fic in this fandom, so that is why I’m asking for it. 

(We found love in a hopeless place)
She figured out he was alive from two tiny clues on a planet 150 million km away. She synced her whole schedule to his Martian one and studied his movements and read his Morse code for months, the translator for his only communications. She’s smart (Masters in Engineering!) and dorky and funny, and she’s invested so much into his survival. And he has no idea she exists. (Not that he owes her- she was just doing her job well, and she’s rewarded for that within canon with promotions and overtime pay. But what if there was a spark of attraction when she can finally reply?)

There’s so much juicy potential conflict! A year and a half of solitary has to have psychological ramifications, even for an astronaut with NASA training and the best kind of personality to survive. He’s also on a spaceship for another 10 months and is arguably the most famous NASA astronaut evar. #bringhimhome was a huge, worldwide thing. I’m guessing any relationship would start via email, but how does that translate once he’s back on Earth? (Yes, she works at JSC which is where the AQF is, so does she get visitation?) How much rehab (physical and psychological) does the Ares 3 crew do? Are they still part of his support network when they’re back and having problems readjusting to life on Earth themselves? Is it hard for her to figure out her feelings for him when he was her actual job for ages? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

I prefer Mindy being Korean (as Weir originally intended) but if the movie version is the only one you know, I can roll with it. Also I prefer background Beck/Johanssen, no adultery for the other crew. 

 Agents of Shield

Elena “Yoyo” Rodriguez/Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie, Fitz/Simmons, team as family 

Yoyo/Mack is canon now at last, and we just got Slingshot but I would love more! Like what does Yoyo’s day-to-day life look like? How often does she go back to Columbia? What is dinner with Mack or their Skype conversations like? She’s obviously incredibly frustrated and confused by 4x08 so I’d love to see exactly why she’s so bothered. Also he’s her supervising officer, lol. Dude. That is going to be a problem. I WANNA SEE HOW.

Prefer background FitzSimmons and respectful relationships with/between the other agents.


Natasha/Bucky, Sharon/Steve

Peter Quill/Gamora, Gamora & Nebula, Guardians as Family


“You could at least recognize me.”

Isn't it symbolic that she shattered his mask in TWS (and therefore forced him to take it off)? That her whole "ideal man" speech in AoU works perfectly with Bucky? I want him to recognize her. Angst and Guilt would be great. Bonus points for Russian/English code switching. 

No, I haven’t read the comics, so MCU movie-verse please! 

This can be a background ship, but I also like Sharon/Steve because I loved their chemistry in Winter Soldier and that continued palpable attraction between them in Civil War. And now she’s on the run too. What does that look like?

Would prefer respectful relationships between all the Avengers, even (especially) in the wake of CW. 


I also love Peter/Gamora because she’s been conditioned not to make emotional connections and this dorky, blundering asshole somehow forged one with her anyway. He makes her smile, makes her reach out, even if he exasperates her endlessly. I want to watch him screw up and make it up. I want to see the other Guardians (and the Ravagers) snerking and being a PITA. I want to see her blow his mind, and vice versa.


Mike Lawson/Ginny Baker, Blip/Evelyn, Padres as family 

I’m not at all unhappy with canon because it’s all played out realistically (I just want the show to be renewed!), but one thing I want to see as a total endgame sort of thing is Mike quitting baseball to get a real chance to be with Ginny. (Basically the exact thing her ex promised her and didn’t deliver.) Bonus points if he shaves off his beard! LOL

Prefer everybody to have respectful relationships, like they do on the show!

Star Wars: Rogue One

Chirrut Imwe/Baze Malbus, Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor, Cassian Andor&K-2SO

(Get it in while you can./Make ten minutes feel like a hundred)

Just saw this and all the feeeeels. Ugh. I actually don’t want a fix-it fic, which I think would detract from the theme/message of the film? I want some canon compliant smutfic. There were bunks in the back of Rogue One somewhere, right? Somewhere they can connect and relieve tension before their Hail Mary mission? This all builds morale, right?

Would also love backstory of the Chirrut/Baze or Cassian & K-2SO variety! 


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