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I am still emotionally compromised by this episode.

First, I knew Oliver could be cutting ("Don't be a bitch, I could be arrested for this." (1x04) "You're a slut." (1x14)) but wow. Flay to the bone MEAN I was not prepared for. :OOOO And the coliver tag is still all "Oliver your (sic) perfect"  "Yay for sassy Oliver" etc. and I am just... Did we not watch the same episode? Claiming he doesn't say things to hurt and then following up immediately with "Hey buddy, you're not allowed to talk right now. Consider it practice for keeping your mouth shut." and "self absorbed pretty boy" shows the exact opposite.

Connor was wrong to tell them, ABSOLUTELY. And yes, it's realistic that Oliver would lash out, but there's a huge difference between something like, "I'm still too mad to look at or talk to you right now" and what actually came out. And in concert with Michaela too, which was just extra bullying? He's hurt them both before but I've never felt so AWFUL for a fictional character for screwing up, especially because he blurted because A. Oliver's HIV diagnosis is obviously weighing on his mind and B. Uh, actual murder coverup, hello. They are getting stupidly complacent since everybody knows except Asher. WHAT IS THE FIRST RULE OF MURDER CLUB? CONSTANT VIGILANCE ALREADY OKAY.

I like that we got how badly Connor hurt Oliver, though? I think it was implied by how palpably terrified he was of his susceptibility to Connor ("I more than like you! Damn it!") in 1x11 and the "If you care about him at all- don't ever come here again" message from "Biceps guy" in 1x07, but it was still good to get his POV instead of having it all offscreened. And Oliver knew that Connor would blame himself, hence the "That's how different we are. I keep my mouth shut about things that will hurt you" speech. It makes me wonder if 2x01's "Why do we hurt the ones we love the most" will be the theme for this season, because this ep certainly had plenty of it with Eve/Annalise too.

There were so many Annalise/Connor betrayal & self-loathing parallels! ("Kill me. Kill me. Kill me!" vs "Do it. Hurt me.") ("I didn't take care of you. I ruined you." "It's my fault [you have HIV].") Plus the way they both idealize Eve and Oliver? ("You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me."/"You're the only thing I look forward to.") And the unwilling susceptibility of the other ("You still have me and I hate it."/ "You know the way you can't do drugs? That's how you are for me.") Like the focus on Connor in that flash forward has to be deliberate given these clues, yes? How she claimed they were similar rang hollow for me when she first said it in 1x12-- I thought it was pure manipulation. But now? Add in slut shaming and using people and it's clear to me that they are on the same track. Not sure if Connor's arc is going to end up any brighter than Annalise's though. IT NEVER STOPS RAINING BODIES ON THIS SHOW.

Other stuff I loved:
Connor trying to get Michaela laid because he can't. "You just have to sit on him. Come onnnn. Do iiiittt. Do it for me. Pleeeease." XDDDD

Wes copping to his puppy act always working, hahahaha. Look at him just produce those dimples. Such a stealth Slytherin, I can't.


And the Annalise/Eve scene at the end! "I don't hate you. But I hate how you make me feel."

Basically I really need a drink now. XD Also how the heck does that prosecutor get assigned the case straight after her fumble? IDGI


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