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So exciting to be getting promos and trailers! Nice to see the f-list posting in anticipation of fall TV as well. :DDD

Shows I'm most excited about:

HTGAWM- The highlight of the trailer for me was shirtless Connor and Oliver putting up a pillow wall between them, hahahaha:

Empire- More Cookie is always good. Plus Lucious getting his just desserts and not taking it lying down.

Heroes Reborn- Both my husband and I are looking forward to this one, although we gave up a couple eps into S3 of the original because we just became so disconnected from the characters. I might re-watch S1 just to admire its structure and the character arcs.

No trailers yet but I'm also super excited for AoS (DYING to find out what happens to Jemma), Jane the Virgin (not 'til October, boo) and Grey's Anatomy. There's a lot of residual bitterness from fans surrounding Patrick Dempsey's departure from Grey's still, but I think the new dynamic with Maggie, Amelia and Merideth at the 'frat house' sounds super fun. Will be interesting to see how both Grey's and TVD handle moving on from losing one of their leads. And of course, POI when it gets brought back mid-season for its final half season run. Sarah Shahi will be in most of the eps, so I am all :DDDDDDD.

Also going to watch: Reign (although my OTP is now kaput, and I'm sooo not looking forward to Lolcisse. Ugh.), iZombie, maaaaybe Castle, Blacklist and Blindspot.

Any other recs, f-listers? Also, is it weird that most of my faves are always on Thursday? Like I get the TGIT Shondaland thing, but it seems the other networks also try to stack shows with great ratings on Thursday too, while Friday is the death slot.

Date: 2015-09-13 07:29 pm (UTC)
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Ahhhh, I am excited about Heroes Reborn! I still can't quite believe it's genuinely happening.


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