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Late to the reaction post party, oops. But I really liked the Daredevil series, despite (because of?) the gritty-grim tone, so unlike the MCU movies or "Agent" TV series.

It's very atmospheric and aware of the poverty of the area it is set in; you can see the litter and gum on the pavement and practically smell the leaking trash bags. One of the ongoing themes is the power of money and its ability to blind justice: "Some get more than they deserve, because they believe they aren’t like everyone else. That the rules, the ones people like me and you, the people that work and struggle to live our lives, just live, don’t apply to them. That they can do anything and live happily ever after, while the rest of us suffer. They do this from the shadows. Shadows we cast."

"Fisk pays off the media. And the police haven't arrested anyone because Fisk pays them off too! How do you stop someone like that, someone who has so much?"

There's a scene where Fisk asks a cop exactly how much his love for his best friend, going back decades, will cost to betray-- and it's implied that this man does, in fact, name a number. (Interestingly, our protagonists seem to be better dressed and housed than the Hell's Kitchen norm despite taking only a single profitable case ever. LOL So the series works hard to be realistic, but not so much that they don't still cater to the audience's inherent biases.)

It also keeps in mind the immigrant population of Hell's Kitchen, and we get to see ethnic people speak to each other in their own languages! And white people speak to non-whites in their language, (with the exception of Leland, who is framed as an ass because of that willful ignorance) instead of the everybody-defaults-to-English mode Hollywood usually adopts. HALLELUJAH.

Everybody is penned in sympathetic shades of grey, especially the villain. I don't think any MCU Big Bad has such a well fleshed out backstory, even Loki? It's not just the traumatic past, it's his network of people. Fisk has a love interest (who loves him as is), the best friend/right hand man (ditto) and is touchingly devoted to his mother. Even crime boss Madame Gao is both mentor and colleague, dispensing wisdom and parables to Fisk the same way Matt takes advice from his priest. He's absolutely human, even if his plans disregard laws and human suffering, and his rages are horrifying incandescent. (That car door scene was as excessive as GoT's Oberyn Martell death scene. THE SOUND EFFECTS. YUCK.)

The fight scenes are amazing because it really comes across how non-superpowered Matt is. He's not beefed up and impervious to puny human damage like the Avengers-- you can see how he tires and staggers on his feet between the cool moves, how each hit he takes hurts. He's simply persistant/stubborn enough to keep getting up again. THIS SCENE IS ICONIC. My favorite part is when he like, trip/falls into the other room with this other guy, *crash* *boom* *bang*, comes stumbling back out. Hahahaha SO COMIC BOOK.

I love the explicit paralleling of Matt Murdock to Wilson Fisk (Is there any difference when they both use violence to achieve their ends? Are you sure?) and the foil of religion and its moral absolutes (and absolution, haha).

Also I totally ship Clairedevil. I love how she can sew up his wounds but not what's really wrong with him (or between them).

Anyway, here's a fanmix especially for ep 10 (Nelson v. Murdock) (and the fic I'm writing for my fandomaid winner).

Tourniquet by Evanescence
I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal/ I'm dying, praying, bleeding and screaming/ Am I too lost to be saved?/ Am I too lost?

Guilty by Karmina
Headlines screaming/ Fear is showing/ God knows this whole world could be going to hell/ 'Cause I am guilty

Crashing Down by Mat Kearney
What am I doing here?/ If you're not with me?/ What have I got to live for, if it's just my own dream?/ Take me back to the beginning, back to the start

Alibi by BANKS
Please give me something to/ convince me I'm not a monster/ Give me one excuse/ give me one excuse

Sing for Absolution by Muse
I will be singing/ and falling from your grace/ there's nowhere left to hide/ in no one to confide

Evidence by Tara Maclean
Afraid to break the silence in the room/ Disbelieving faces stare me down/ Search the world for evidence of faith/ Can you hear me?

Self Inflicted by Katy Perry
I can't stop/ Don't care if I lose/ Baby you are the weapon I choose/ These wounds are self inflicted/ I'm going down in flames for you

Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky
Come fire, come fire/ Let it burn and love come racing through/ Oh I'm still alive, I'm still alive/ I cannot apologize


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