Oct. 1st, 2015

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Okay, I'm just going to get straight to it: Team Coulson on the switch to Daisy Johnson. Because she's still the same person? Since when is what you are more important than who? IT RANKLES I DON'T LIKE IT Especially when you see shows like iZombie or TVD where the protagonist has also been through a life-changing transformation, and the narrative revolves around figuring out how to live in the wake of that. Trauma (or you know, puberty) marks you, changes you, but it doesn't actually alter your identity.

Anybody else have a different take on it? Like obviously if Skye no longer feels like Skye she can call herself whatever the hell she wants to and her word is the final word. But I just find it hard to compute that she wants to embrace an identity that has its roots inredacted files of bloody murders, watching Trip disintegrate when she uses her powers for the first time, having her birth mom go to war with humans and then try to murder her and finally, mind wiping her crazy dad (who murdered her mom to save her).It just feels implausible, even dishonest. Or like bending over backward to fit comic book canon.

Also my bet is on May also coming back InHuman after taking too many dips in Terrigen saturated waters.

And geez, do they always have to put Fitz through emotional grinders? That last scene was BRUTAL.

On a lighter note: I loved that Huntingbird proposal. I love "I love you"s that go nowhere near those three words. Hahahaha


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