Apr. 6th, 2017

nrgburst: (alison effed it)
What a freaking bother.

Well I'm not going to click agree yet. :/// It's one thing signing up for FB/Tumblr and agreeing to a TOS upon making an account, and another to be forced into a brand new TOS referring to sections of Russian Law (with no link or translation) years in. I am annoyed that all the f-locked stuff is now unavailable in logged-out mode, but I've been here on DW more and more anyway since 1. The circle is waaaay more active than the flist, 2. LJ crashes my Chrome pretty consistently if I try to post or comment. I have no idea if it's the way it does ads, but it's annoying AF since no other site I use does this? 3. My paid time on LJ expired last month. 

I'm going to see how it affects people before hitting nuke on the account, especially since doing so means I have to agree anyway, and they still get to keep all content for a year after. Plus it would be so sad to say goodbye to all the memories there. :/ But I am really glad I made my exodus to DW and did all that PITA housekeeping in January. 


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