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I got to see it opening weekend here (yay!) and I’m a little disappointed there was no promotional postcard given out like I got for Pacific Rim and The Force Awakens. Come on! We got it a whole week later than the rest of the world- no goodies? :(

It was awesome anyway- I laughed, I cringed, I cried. I didn’t expect the latter- GotG doesn’t take itself that seriously so I didn’t expect to be moved to tears not once but twice. The emotional scenes were really well done too- I loved the character/relationship arcs and the continuing theme of found family. Plus the execution was great, with fun camera angles and pretty graphics and the way the music meshed. Baby Groot was especially adorable! His last scene where he went from one loving Guardian to the next by holding out his arms in a silent “pick me up” was just so childlike and sweet. <3

Obviously my fave is Gamora, and I loved how we got to see growth in different relationship dynamics, with the focus being on her strained relationship with Nebula. After Nebula cut off her hand to spite her sis at the end of GotG, it made sense that Gamora refused to admit that she chased her down for personal reasons. And I loved all of the bickering, resentment and unending sibling rivalry! I didn’t expect Nebula to confess how badly she just wanted a sister though- anybody else find that a bit odd, considering how hard she found it just to sort of hug Gamora in the end? I dunno- it felt odd that she was conceding anything, especially such a huge emotional point while they were fighting.

Also, I LOVED the Starmora development, even though it’s nixed New Romantics as canon compliant. (Oh well.) My favorite part is that he’s way, way more emotionally invested than her and everybody knows it. *chortles with glee* It’s a slow burn, FINE, I’LL TAKE IT.

I also found the character parallels interesting- like how Peter and Ego were both crass, womanizing dudes and Rocket and Yondu saw each other as mirrors. Plus how they paralleled/contrasted the Death in Space thing from the first movie with Peter/Gamora to the horror of it being done to the Ravagers, and then finally Yondu's peaceful smile- just perfect. Yondu's gentle pat on Peter's face reminded me fiercely of that scene in The Force Awakens too. Uggghhhh.

Speaking of sadness, I also really liked how they had Mantis convey Drax’s heartbreak while he was speaking so lovingly about his daughter. It was a nice contrast to how disposable Ego's offspring were, how he valued himself and his goals more than even his oft stated love for Merideth and pride over Peter. 

 All in all, a great sequel that both built on and added depth to the story and characters from the first GotG. Anybody see it in 3D? I’m debating going into town next week to see it in 3D if it’s worth the additional cost. (Local theater doesn’t have a subbed version in 3D.)
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