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Oh lord. Fitz. Jemma's horrified heartbreak was all of us. (ToT)

Thing is, you can totally get why Aida fixated on him- he advocated for her because it was the right thing to do, he's brilliant and creative and loyal. So what boggles me is how she doesn't care that the very qualities that drew her (his compassion and morality) had to be completely stripped from his Framework persona to make him hers. And how she used his relationship with Simmons to substitute herself in that exact same context is just *shudders*. 

It's all so Dollhouse, I can't. 

Poor Agnes. She thought she was escaping a death sentence by taking what Radcliffe offered; he built both Aida and the Framework in the hopes that one could save her. :((( I'm glad she got some more time, but wow. What a shitty way to go. Radcliffe didn't grieve at all either? He was far more shocked by Obviously Not Fitz anymore.

I'm wondering if we're ever going to revisit Jemma's early S4 assertion that we are more than our programming. He seems as irredeemably gone now as Hydra!Ward.

On a lighter note, Ward with his OTT-in-luuuurvve-with-Skye and Jemma's 110% done reactions to him were A+++++. XDDDD Also his confused reactions to everybody expecting him to be somebody else! "Oh you're not Hive!" bwahahahahaha

Plus Daisy's incredible Captain America moment! And the fakeout with Mack! Ahhhhhh I'm not looking forward to whatever torture is upcoming. :/ How did Framework!May get her real name though?!

At least we now know where the team is (but Simmons has no way to get that info to Yoyo and The Real World) and that Radcliffe still knows where a Framework backdoor should exist (and he's being held where Daisy is.) I was thinking they would leave Radcliffe and Agnes in the Framework, but now I'm thinking it's more likely that they're going to bring the whole thing down. Also, I can't figure out how Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes is going to make it back into this arc somehow. 
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