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So Aida brought herself back as an Inhuman with powers, specifically Gordon's powers? And Fitz (who built the quantum field disruptor that trapped him in one spot) and Mack (our shotgun-axe expert) are both MIA. Noooooooo Aida actually stole Fitz too, and since he asked to "go with her" in the Framework, it's something else that he "asked for". :////

MACK OMGGGGGG. It's awesome and emotionally honest that he just can't leave Hope behind. It doesn't matter if you know it's not real, it's your kid and you love her and you're responsible for her care. Heartbreaking and obviously the hugest conflict from the instant we saw him picking up that bike in 4x15. (ToT) Daisy was just so upset by it, but that Mack doesn't know any of them and she misled him on purpose. Poor Elena. (Although thank goodness we're getting her back at last! Argh my faves never get enough screen time.)

I'm really hoping the Framework stays running if that's a place where Trip and Ward live on!

I have no idea how they are going to bring back Ghost Rider into all this, but I'm smelling a need for some deus ex machina now that Aida's "upgraded" her body.

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FITZ! I am so glad, actually, that this is the way they went -- that Fitz wasn't suddenly back to his old self.* Their Framework personas were, after all, them. The difference was merely a tweak to their...origin story, to stick with comicbook terminology. If your human consciousness in a virtual system provides an overlay to your "woke" consciousness, it stands to reason that even after removal there is is some lingering conflict from that overlay.

I'm really hoping the Framework stays running if that's a place where Trip and Ward live on!

Did you see my Trip fic post-2x20?

I really don't want to think about Trip snuffed out again. (Of course, part of the reason I have strong feelings about Trip and Hope is a theory bandied around but not quite proven. I think when Jemma describes all the Framework people as "just code" she isn't quite correct. We are not talking virtual reality only; the Darkhold is magic, after all -- the way I read it, if AIDA has a soul...then whom the Darkhold created or brought back are alive for all intents and purposes.)

* Add-on, of all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, I've always thought Fitz was most vulnerable to going darkside -- he's quiet about it, but he's mighty prideful about his genius; he has shown that he will disregard any danger if he wants to get whom he wants (Jemma, on the Planet); he lies when he personally deems it the smartest way...and that was long before any tweak in the Framework.

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For Ward, it was who pulled him out of juvie. Nice callback there, since our Ward killed her.

I'm getting traumatized by all the FitzSimmons violence this season, starting with the LMD fight. pure nightmare fuel, killing a thing wearing your partner's face, having them be completely changed, having them not know you at all...


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