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2025-07-31 09:50 am
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Master List

Fic/meta with links and mini-summaries here. Comment if you would like me to add you too- I f-lock more personal entries.

Feel free to translate, podfic and/or create fanart, fic or fanmixes based on my fics. Please just let me know, and link back to mine!

Similarly, all icons I create can be used as bases and re-transformed if you give me credit (and comment, so I don't call you out!) If you want to use my GIFs in your meta post, just credit.

Please do not archive or re-post any of my creative works elsewhere. This includes icons or GIFs into a tumblr set. (It's also against tumblr's TOS.)

Kimi no Na wa | 君の名は | Your Name )

Moana )

The Martian )

The Originals )

Star Wars )


Daredevil )

The Hobbit (movies) )

Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU) )

How to train your Dragon/Dreamworks Dragons )

Pacific Rim )

The Vampire Diaries )

Batman/The Dark Knight )


Bartimaeus  )

"We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to." W. Somerset Maugham
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2017-06-20 10:00 am
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But I want to keep them!

I don't want to throw away my modded PS or PS2. Yes, the original versions. I still have games and controllers and memory cards. If they work, screw it, I'll pay to ship them back. Nostalgia is an (expensive) bitch. At least I'm able to turn my CDs into data, although this ripping process is tedious AF.

BUT I am wondering if anybody wants my FFVII Ultimania or Crisis Core Ultimania? I can ship book rate, so they'll be cheap to send. PM me if you are interested- I can probably unload them at Book Off but just in case anybody I know wants them. (They're in Japanese.)

Also, somebody finally reviewed the second chapter of Discretion and yay, a rave! I know Reeve/Rufus is a rarepair and I know the fandom is pretty much in hibernation, but still. YAY. VALIDATION I HAS IT. :DDDD

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2017-06-19 07:19 pm

Reign finale

So I watched the series finale of Reign without watching the final season and lollerskates I forgot about the random witchcraft SLs they bring in sometimes XDDDD What was even happening there- was it like An Indecent Proposal but with morning after regret stabbing? Also, was Catcisse a thing again? How come he didn't die in agony like Nostradamus predicted in S2?! Poop. And ahhhhhh I was not expecting that version of heaven for Mary, BUT I APPROVE. MY SHIPPER HEART. Made me want to rewatch S1, and I might just do while packing/cleaning/selling. As a series finale, it felt rushed and ??? Like, we got the fate of our Three Queens spelled out, but Mary's ladies, Catherine's children and Narcisse didn't get a conclusive ending, which was a bit sad. 

Also, I am excited about the apparent end of Always~ and Forever~ next week on The Originals! :D Which totally won't stick because they got another season, but still. :DDDDD I loved seeing Jackson again the previous ep too! And Hayley breaking things off with Elijah because who he really is freaked her TF out is AWESOME. I know all the shippers are crying foul, but I love that she gets to see their relationship and the effect it's had on her and Hope with utter clarity? She's bled and suffered to protect an unrepentant monster; put her child in harm's way. If she didn't want to examine those decisions after he attacked her, that would be totally fucked up. And yes, she's a killer too. This doesn't mean she doesn't get to say no, she doesn't want to be with him. (Yes, I know this applies to Davina and Kol too, and I think it would have been awesome to see Davina have the same FUCK NO reaction to him after he killed her. Because that's a natural knee jerk reaction to have? Although in her case, she was aware the Ancestors had cursed him to kill her, so her perspective going in was different too- Hayley expected the gallant lover version of him or the sophisticated family man at his true core.)

Speaking of shrieking knee jerk reactions, this week's iZombie looks hilarious! Can't wait!
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2017-06-14 10:38 pm


Sorry, this moving thing is really taking over my life. It's actually good that most shows are on hiatus now! So instead of thinking about narratives and characters all day, I'm cleaning and selling stuff. And getting really grumpy with people sometimes? e.g. when I say I'll be in the city in the morning so it'll be possible to meet, I am not saying I will deliver the item to you at night. That isn't how words work. Also: why is it a thing to ask for a discount right after I agree to a favor like holding an item? Give 'em an inch, they walk all over you, I guess, but aaarrgghhh. 

I am debating leaving my Moogle doll behind. I don't need it, especially when I think of how much it'll cost to ship perfectly mundane things like books and winter clothes home, but it seems such a waste to throw it away. Any FF fans out there want it free for shipping? It was purchased at the Square Enix shop in Tokyo. Pet and smoke free home.

Oh! THE ORIGINALS. Guys, my OTP got a Happily Ever After scene. Like, driving off into the "sunset". I am still just !!! and THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME, and I WANT ALL THE WORLD TRAVELLING FICS and OMG SHE DIDN'T DIE AGAIN (AND NEITHER DID HE). *cries* 

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2017-06-09 11:39 am

these are a few of my favorite things

Just wanted to signal boost the upcoming [community profile] fic_corner exchange !  Still in the process of brainstorming before nominations, so join and subscribe if you are into YA lit/fic at all! 

Also: next week's Shadowhunters looks AMAZING! I am so here for more Malec angst (and the emotional revelations)! 

Plus on The Originals Kol is FINALLY on his way to fight his own family but it's looking like him vs. Rebekah (who's always been his favorite sibling) and Marcel! :((( He's been on this path for ages, but he wasn't allowed to make that choice last year- Davina was dead; he had only his family left. Ahhh, I love terrible choices! XD Gimmegimmegimme (but leave Davina alive, please!)

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2017-06-08 05:24 pm
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Stay (Discretion Ch. 2)

Title: Stay (Discretion Ch. 2)
Fandom: Compilation of FFVII
Characters: Rufus Shinra/Reeve Tuesti
Rating/Warnings: M, smut, reference to canon-typical homophobia
Word Count: around 4000
Summary: Not really sure how to feel about it/something in the way you move/makes me feel like I can't live without you

Stay )
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2017-06-03 12:06 pm
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2017-06-02 08:50 am


Sense8 has been cancelled by Netflix on the first day of Pride Month. :(((( Also, to nobody's surprise, Drumpf pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, because America first 

I'm going to go write. Need to not be in this world for a bit.

ETA: I just donated to All Out. Just my usual monthly lunch money, but a little more proactive than making futile fist shaking posts.

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2017-05-30 11:29 am


Went to the concert last night and it was amazing! The set was pretty short (less than 90 minutes) but such incredible performances- I'm so, so glad I got to go! My fave was Mitch in No (So good!) but it was nice to see all the love Avi was getting every time he spoke or got a solo bit. I'm bummed he's leaving the group, of course, but I'm glad they all seem to be moving forward on other projects and are just so supportive of his decision. Plus they kept loving on Japan, it was really cute. "This is our favorite country to tour! The food is so good here! Umai! Oishi!" XDDD I do wish they'd performed more songs from Classics (No Bohemian Rhapsody. :((( ) BUT Can't help falling in love was so beautifully done that it made up for it. SUCH FOOD FOR THE SOUL :'D

Pics under the cut, if you're interested. PTX Nagoya 2017 )

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2017-05-25 12:13 pm
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So I was just mulling over how weird it is not to have a proper fall/winter/spring TV season anymore. Everything is so spread out! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET AWAY FOR THE SUMMER WITHOUT MISSING GOOD STUFF NOW. JULY IS GOING TO BE FULL OF AWESOME.

GoT spec based on the trailer )

Also, Spiderman: Homecoming

Is it wrong that I am more excited about watching this movie after seeing Tom Holland's epic lip sync battle performance? LOL 

Apologies to those waiting for Sense8 icons! I haven't forgotten- I'm partly done capping, but I get distracted watching the eps and then forget and then have to try to rewind and then my VLC crashes and ugh. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES PLEASE TRY AGAIN WHEN YOUR LAPTOP FEELS LIKE COOPERATING

Oh! On a personal note, booked tickets home! Two more months left before we move, yikes. 
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2017-05-22 10:19 am


I'm baaaack! Went to Tokyo for a trip last week so we could have one last Disneyland/DisneySea visit (plus stop by to see the grandparents and cousins) and it was so much fun! The girls were more jaded this time though- they realized we didn't actually go to space on Star Tours, although they still think C-3PO is a terrible pilot. XDDD It was our first time to see the parades/shows/fireworks at night because they finally had the stamina to stay up! We'll definitely be back to DisneySea again because we were all exhausted and couldn't enjoy the park as much because of aching feet/grumpiness. Plus husband and I loved the atmosphere of each theme area- they paid a lot of attention to detail, and it was pretty nifty. My favorite was the Steampunk vibe of "Mysterious Island" and the detailed mosaics in the "Mermaid's Lagoon".

One thing: when we were on 20000 Leagues Under the Sea they stopped the ride due to some kind of emergency and we were stuck in the "submarine" for almost an hour until the staff came to get us! We had to climb out via a ladder and then walk on the rafters/rigging to a back entrance, with the ride displays below us, so the kids had all the magic/4th wall illusions taken out of that ride. Oh well. It was kind of cool to see anyway, although I wish they had compensated us a little better for the lost time: we got "priority ride" passes that were good for only unpopular rides, so we didn't use them. :(

Caught up on most of my shows now too! Grey's just got kind of a bzuh? reaction out of me mostly because spoilers for Grey's, iZombie and TO )

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2017-05-15 11:43 pm

GotG Vol. 2

I got to see it opening weekend here (yay!) and I’m a little disappointed there was no promotional postcard given out like I got for Pacific Rim and The Force Awakens. Come on! We got it a whole week later than the rest of the world- no goodies? :(

It was awesome anyway- I laughed, I cringed, I cried. I didn’t expect the latter- GotG doesn’t take itself that seriously so I didn’t expect to be moved to tears not once but twice. The emotional scenes were really well done too- I loved the character/relationship arcs and the continuing theme of found family. Plus the execution was great, with fun camera angles and pretty graphics and the way the music meshed. Baby Groot was especially adorable! Spoilers! )All in all, a great sequel that both built on and added depth to the story and characters from the first GotG. Anybody see it in 3D? I’m debating going into town next week to see it in 3D if it’s worth the additional cost. (Local theater doesn’t have a subbed version in 3D.)
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2017-05-12 11:28 am

Grey's Anatomy 13x23 True Colors

 Well one of my predictions was accurate: 


Is anybody else watching GA on the reading list? Thoughts on the finale?
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2017-05-12 09:05 am
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I WAS SO FREAKING WORRIED! ABC made so many pilots (but didn't like very many of them, it seems) and the cancellation news stopped after a single show yesterday. TROLLS.

Receipts here at TVline and via twitter, with an explanation about the numbers at the former. Looks like DVR playback is also what helped save iZombie and The Originals!

SEASON 5 HELL YEAH! *dancing in my seat*

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2017-05-11 09:13 am
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meryl streep and j lojimmy fallon and elmo dancing

TVline articles here and here! BLESS YOU CW FOR MAKING GOOD PROGRAMMING DECISIONS THAT ALIGN WITH MY PREFERENCES. XDDDDD Now biting my nails waiting on AoS- ABC is making announcements. *crosses fingers*
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2017-05-10 06:01 pm

AoS 4x21 The Return

What an ep! They just keep raising the stakes! RENEW ALREADY ABC PLEEEEEASEEEEEE
spoilers all the spoilers )spoilers all the spoilers )

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2017-05-09 06:48 am

Blind Faith

Fandom: Star Wars (Rogue One)
Characters: Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor, (background) Chirrut Imwe/Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook, Davits Draven
Rating/Warnings: M, sex, temporary blindness, medical jargon
Word Count: 3599
Summary: Post-Canon Fix-it through the OT timeline

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

Space Swap reveal )


Or read it on AO3 here


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2017-05-08 10:57 am
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Sense8 S2


cut for spoilers )

I obviously need to make icons- any requests? 
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2017-05-06 05:49 pm


 I already made a GIFset BUT MY GIRL IS BACK ON The Originals NEXT WEEK! Literally the star of the promo! AHHHHHHH
So why is it Alaric on the preview image? UGH. Oh, and Tyler got a mention in the last ep and we found out which pack he was from, which OUCH.

TO spoilers for 4x07 )
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2017-05-06 08:44 am

So Fitz is basically me


Spoilers for AoS 4x20  )