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So this was going to be a straightforward squee post about Rogue One, which we saw yesterday.

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Dec. 7th, 2016 12:30 pm
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SUCH AN AMAZING MOVIE. I haven't been so moved by an animated film since Frozen, and the themes are arguably similar (the search for identity, the importance of family, perseverance in the face of monstrous defeat) and yet not (wanderlust as one of Moana's defining and redeeming character traits, the value of culture and history on one's personal choices). Plus the music is awesome (Alessia Cara sings the ending version of the theme!), and I keep tearing up at this song:

WATCH IT. It's an inspiring, thought provoking and emotionally satisfying journey. Plus it's a pretty narrative for an actual historical puzzle. SO MUCH LOVE. Now pardon me while I play the soundtrack to death.

TO 3x21

May. 18th, 2016 03:20 am
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This was also a love/hate ep. What bugs me the most is that the Kolvina part I think i was supposed to love gave me the worst lip curling WTF reaction. Like I can feel myself shipping them less, and every time sets of it cross my dash I am just WHYYYY.

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TO 3x20

May. 10th, 2016 01:32 pm
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Okay I'm still half NOOOO WTFEVEN and half OMG YASSSS over what happened in the ep so um. I'm reserving judgement on the parts that make me want to burn things until next ep? Like I'm hoping (perhaps stupidly) that they will be undone or deconstructed immediately because seriously SHUT UP. NO.

So I'll talk about what I loved under the cut. (All uncredited GIFs are mine. Let me know if you want them in a rebloggable set on tumblr.):

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I'm still so upset about this episode but I tried to make a proper response post:

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I found this ep a bit filler-ish? I just got the feeling that the writers are trying to connect the bigger dots in their narrative with not-so plausible plot points instead of making an ep that stood up on its own? Also I was sorely disappointed on the Kolvina front:

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I am so pleased I still have this icon. :DDDD

Soooo I've been watching every week since 3x11 and now I am fully committed (as in, I've been binging) because YESSSS THEY BROUGHT BACK KOL FOR REAL.

So judging from the promoSpoilers for 3x15 )

Also I wrote a Kolvina drabble for[ profile] ishi_chan

Title: Lecherous Heart
Characters: Davina Claire/Kol Mikaelson
Rating/Warnings: T, none
Word Count: 100
Summary: Straight after the last scene in 3x14

Lecherous Heart )
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Haven't done one of these in forever! And this might be a bit disjointed because I have no central point to make but:

I have no idea what it is with all the Star Wars homages in TGIT today. Were these eps being written when TFA released? Like Bailey is canonically a Star Wars geek (and therefore I think Shonda is because nobody accidentally parallels episodes to being encased in carbonite) but seriously:

"He's your father?!" (Grey's promo for next week. Apparently 12x10, 11 and 12 were one huge script that they had to split in three.)
"It's a trap!" (title for this ep of HTGAWM)
"I shouldn't have done that." (with building instrumental in the background that abruptly gets cut off too! XDDD)
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So guess who saw TFA again in 3D today? :DDD Plus look at what they were giving away with each ticket!

(It's just a postcard but isn't he adorable?) (Amber if I go again and I get Ren I will totally send it to you. LOL)

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LJ WTF. Has anybody else had trouble accessing for the last week or so? And yet zero offers of extra paid time? :///

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I don't know how coherent this will be because:

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Such good TV today! Grey's was awesome too (Happy 250th ep!!). Such a train wreck of a dinner party that I was actually looking forward to the UTI bits, LOL.

But since I'm always way more !!! about HTGAWM:
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I am a worm, a worthless worm for not getting my fandomaid fics finished yet BUT SUCH AMAZING TV ON NETFLIX that I just have to come here and ahhhhhhh for a minute okayyyyy?

SENSE8 GUYS. SO MUCH LOVE. Kala is my fave, but I love all the characters and how this show is set in THE WORLD and not like, white people land. A+ themes too: empathy, identity, cultural/societal pressures, connection, evolution, processing grief/trauma. HOW LONG UNTIL SEASON 2 ALREADY

And Dragons: Race to the Edge is not super compelling for me. but I'm LOVING how it is not The Hiccup Show and more of an ensemble. Still haven't finished the series because my kids have been asking for MLP and Jurassic World (Ha!) over dragons but I'm not feeling anything fic worthy churning so I'm cool with the slower pace vs a binge. (Which is great, because I'm still going on my actual assignments. Like I go into negative word count some days because I keep deleting stuff but Guilty is taking better shape at last. As in it actually HAS a shape, YAY.)

Anyway- birthdays/whirl of sayonaras are finally over for the next six months or so, so back to writing full(er) time again. :D 
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Late to the reaction post party, oops. But I really liked the Daredevil series, despite (because of?) the gritty-grim tone, so unlike the MCU movies or "Agent" TV series.

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Anyway, here's a fanmix especially for ep 10 (Nelson v. Murdock) (and the fic I'm writing for my fandomaid winner).

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Okay so after some discussion on 12's post about not letting LJ go gentle into the night, I'm going to make an attempt to be more active here. SO HERE HAVE SOME RANDOM STUFF.

Karmina and Mieko are making the soundtrack of my life right now. Music helps me write so much? I know some authors prefer complete silence, and I do occasionally, but usually I find some song and listen to it over and over until The Thing The Song Inspired is Done. (Yes, I am one of those people that will listen to a song on repeat. It drives my musician sister INSANE. Even if she can only see me hitting 'back' on my iPhone she is like, morally obligated to roll her eyes. LOL)

This Karmina song is so S2 Mary-- the music people on Reign did an amazing job:

"All the King's Horses"

I made a DW account so I could play trope bingo, which was great fun and thought provoking. Combing the tvtropes site is a fantastic time waster, hehe. I'm doing the next round for sure, even if my meta is not particularily ~deep and I had to rush the Katherine/Nadia one to get it in on time. (Flashback to school days! Well I'll settle for a lukewarm B instead of getting an auto fail.)

Golden Week has been truly golden here. Blue skies and that perfect balmy weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. So we've been enjoying the backyard and the beer festivals and outdoor play places for kids. (And it's finally raining so here I am on my computer. TYPICAL.)

Grey's Anatomy: BWAHAHAHA. If you weren't aware, they killed off yet another major character before the actor's contract was up. The fandom wank is hilarious and awful, and the finale was at some parts amazing (The callbacks! The music! The passing of torches! The red herrings!) and in many ways bizarre and completely unsatisfying (So Pierce and Alex are friends now but Amelia and Pierce are not? So Amelia was able to not fall off the wagon until her support system came back? So Alex will never in his whole life get proper turkey?) But I have fic coming from [ profile] waltzmatildah (Yay! ALSO GO CHECK OUT [ profile] fandomaid! My beta offer is still available and there are custom requests and auctions up now!) and will maybe dip my toe into that rather intimidating pool myself. I write reactionary fic to fandom opinions that piss me off WHAT CAN I SAY.

Also POI: These glimpses of Shaw are just giving me way too much hope. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FINALE.

We are not getting AoU until July here. *cries* like seriously as if I will not find a decent pirate version before then? JUST TAKE MY MONEY LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD. Also: [ profile] amber_protocol i want to know your AoU ~thoughts!
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Hey f-list, just wanted to signal boost the [ profile] fandomaid appeal for Nepal. I've got two offers for both fic and beta-ing up (my fic offers were all taken while I was typing this entry up!), and there are tonnes of awesome offers going up! Donate to the Red Cross/Doctors without Borders etc. and get fandom goodies as an extra thank you for helping out those in need. It's a total win/win scenario!

Season finale for Poldark today. I have a bad feeling about this.

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