May. 22nd, 2017 10:19 am
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I'm baaaack! Went to Tokyo for a trip last week so we could have one last Disneyland/DisneySea visit (plus stop by to see the grandparents and cousins) and it was so much fun! The girls were more jaded this time though- they realized we didn't actually go to space on Star Tours, although they still think C-3PO is a terrible pilot. XDDD It was our first time to see the parades/shows/fireworks at night because they finally had the stamina to stay up! We'll definitely be back to DisneySea again because we were all exhausted and couldn't enjoy the park as much because of aching feet/grumpiness. Plus husband and I loved the atmosphere of each theme area- they paid a lot of attention to detail, and it was pretty nifty. My favorite was the Steampunk vibe of "Mysterious Island" and the detailed mosaics in the "Mermaid's Lagoon".

One thing: when we were on 20000 Leagues Under the Sea they stopped the ride due to some kind of emergency and we were stuck in the "submarine" for almost an hour until the staff came to get us! We had to climb out via a ladder and then walk on the rafters/rigging to a back entrance, with the ride displays below us, so the kids had all the magic/4th wall illusions taken out of that ride. Oh well. It was kind of cool to see anyway, although I wish they had compensated us a little better for the lost time: we got "priority ride" passes that were good for only unpopular rides, so we didn't use them. :(

Caught up on most of my shows now too! Grey's just got kind of a bzuh? reaction out of me mostly because of the inexplicable Maggie/Jackson development without bothering to tie up any of the Japril threads from 8 eps ago. Uhhh, why is April okay with Jackson "liking" Maggie when the last time we saw her and Jackson together was literally this so ummm..... colour me confused? (This same thing applies to iZombie and Major/Liv sleeping together and then his being totally okay with Justin/Liv?)

Called the reappearance of Megan though, hahaha! Also, YESSSS They killed off Elijah on TO! I'd like only a single ep of them fixing his mind before he remains quietly in the pendant a la Finn, please. I hate how he takes up narrative space when he's not a dynamic character. Maybe he's meant to be a foil to Klaus, but IDC. Vincent also looks like he's in terrible danger, but I hope they don't have to trim the cast that much, despite only getting what looks like a mid season renewal. :/ Also: remember how Klaus' line didn't die off even though he got White Oak Staked on S3 of TVD because he bodyjumped into Tyler via magic? Isn't that the same as what happened here? So how did the Hollow have enough magic to get a new body? I hate canon inconsistencies grrrrr.

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