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What an ep! They just keep raising the stakes! RENEW ALREADY ABC PLEEEEEASEEEEEE

Poor Fitz. Like waking up after being the starring object of somebody's self-insert AU with full cognitive dissonance intact. And Ophelia literally killed off Jemma so she could take her place right from first year Uni, just....  how did she even rationalize this as consistent with her programming IDGI. The dubcon elements were pretty squicky so I'm kind of glad they avoided hashing them out because I legit shuddered and backed away when Ophelia was talking about it. :/// 

Also wow, holy mood swings. I know Russian Terminator dude said it's because she's like an infant, experiencing emotions for the first time and therefore utterly ill equipped to deal with them because HELL HATH NO FURY was putting it mildly. XD  I legit LOLed at her "WHAT?!" Well duh, why would he be referring to you in the third person? And wow, can she ever throw epic tantrums with her stolen Inhuman powers. Sad to think of Lincoln suffering just so she could extract them though. :( Those healing powers were Vijay's, right? Jiaying had to suck health out of others IIRC?

My favorite moment was when Jemma iced the two of them without any hesitation after their heroics. :DDD YES THAT'S MY GIRL. I also loved the parallel with the Fitzsimmons shoulder grab of comfort!  \(ToT)/ Am also a little appalled that they have had so many chances to have to comfort each other that it is a recognizable thing.

We finally got Elena back and she barely had any scenes! And of course she didn't take advice and plugged herself in. :/// Framework scenes should be interesting- looks like she has powers already or she wouldn't be strapped down. But how is she going to get free on her own, nonetheless convince Mack to go?

Philinda also looks like it's going to continue to be deliciously awkward. XDDD The Finale has got to be explosive with Robbie just rocking out of Hell like that. XD Plus what a preview! BRING IT ONNNNN (BUT RENEW FIRST, OKAY)

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