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Title: Bound
Fandom: The Originals
Characters: Davina Claire/Kol Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson, Vincent Griffith
Rating/Warnings: K+, implied pregnancy, AU (Davina is resurrected, Kol is Cured)
Word Count: 1029
Summary: We've seen werewolves marry in this canon, but never two witches...

Even for New Orleans, the ground in St. Anne’s is especially marked with the stains of supernatural occurrences.

It’s been the site of horrific massacres and magical battles- but it’s also been a place of community and sanctuary, of miraculous birth and resurrections, of love seeded and consummated.

Which is why Kol and Davina chose to be bound by handfast there, witnessed by family and consecrating the ground yet again.

Tipping the scales there a little further back towards light and life, for at least a little while.


Up in the attic, Kol studies his reflection in the mirror, smiling as Rebekah approaches from behind.

“I still can’t believe you’re the first of us to get married,” she declares.

Kol tilts his head and shrugs, smirking as he turns. “Well, you know me, sister. All or none. Whereas you lot kept giving your hearts away and getting them broken. I never understood it.”

Rebekah tilts her head and raises a brow. “Don’t be daft. You fancied plenty of women.”

“I never loved any.” He stops and looks away uncomfortably. “I couldn’t. Not-”

“-until you were human again. I know.” She swallows and looks away, and he gives her a warning smile.

“Come on, none of that. If I’d wanted ponderous sentiment, I’d have asked Elijah. You know I’m just doing right by my girl.”

Rebekah rolls her eyes and huffs. “And I’m happy for you and Davina, I truly am. I adored her even before you met her; I love how she’s changed you, how happy you make each other. But she’s taken you away from us. Always and Forever. You have to let me hate her for that, if only a little.”

Kol gives her an exasperated look. “That vow was never mine.”

“As you insisted over and over. But these will be,” she says bitterly, and Kol softens.

“This really bothers you.”

“One gets used to living forever. With siblings that endure time a lot better than witches tend to.”

Kol raises one shoulder uncomfortably. “Well, you’re not burying me yet. And look at the bright side: you’ll finally be the prettiest one of us, given fifty or sixty years.”

Her mouth falls open. “You… you- strutting peacock!” she says, smacking his shoulder.

“Dammit Beks, mortal body!” he hisses, wincing and grabbing at his shoulder.

She’s instantly contrite. “Oh god! I swear I didn’t mean to- Curse this Cure, if I could just give you my blood-“

She stops when she sees his smirk. “I take it all back! Poor Davina, bound forever to such an insufferable troublemaker.”

He chuckles and tugs his sister into a hug. “You both love me anyway.”

She hugs him back before pushing him away and blinking furiously. “Don’t. Or I’ll ruin my makeup and your jacket.” She sniffs and glances at her phone when it buzzes. “Besides, Freya and Hayley have given the all clear for the guests.”

Kol gives her a smile and exhales, suddenly filled with nervous energy. “Well, then. Escort me to my next adventure?”

She takes his arm, smiling now with wistful affection. “It would be my genuine pleasure.”


Knot-tying ceremonies involve fairly simple magic, so Kol had originally hoped to elope, “just put a little magical insurance on something we both know to be true anyway.”

“The thing is, doing it in New Orleans might help solidify the peace between Marcel and your siblings- you know that,” Davina argued. “And I’d also get to see Josh and his new boyfriend and meet Hope-”

Kol tilted his head. “You want to go back to the place where both of us have died before? When Marcel can kill me even more easily now? Hastening the ‘til death do us part’ bit rather unnecessarily, wouldn’t you say?”

She lifts her brows and nods, non-plussed. “Well, technically, it’s also the place both of us have been resurrected twice. The place where we fell in love. Where I was born.”

He shook his head and sighed. “I swear, you French Quarter witches actively court mayhem and doom sometimes.”

She dimpled at his acquiescence, pulling him down for a kiss. “Well, I agreed to marry you, didn’t I?” she pointed out.

He chuckled and brushed her hair back from her face tenderly. As if he could refuse her anything. “Fair point. I’ll call Beks, get her to get things rolling.”


And now they take each other’s hands, wrists crossed like they had done for the first time years ago, and Vincent steps forward.

“Davina Claire and Kol Mikaelson: will you join your souls from this day forward?”

They both smile, looking at each other with joyful certainty.

“We will,” they declare in unison.

Vincent inclines his head with a smile and then takes a “rope” proffered by Hope, a red and a blue ribbon braided around the bracelet they’d made together years ago. He wraps it around their hands in an infinity symbol. Then he carefully closes the circle around them before he gives a little bow and sweep of his hands.

“You may tie the knot whenever you’re ready.”

They’ve channeled each other hundreds of times now, but the significance of the ceremony makes the moment all the more special, and both their eyes sting with emotion as they start to say the words.

The braid glows as they chant, becoming so incandescently bright that the entire church is soon flooded with light.

Once it dims the braid is gone, and they wear identical rings of braided gold on their left ring fingers, symbols of the magical bond between them.

From the front row, Klaus smiles and tilts his head towards Hope so he can whisper to her.

“And there we have it. The first Mikaelson to be officially added to the clan since your birth.”

She smiles and shrugs. “I guess… But she was already family, anyway.”

Klaus gives her a curious look and frowns. She’s not being sentimental. “What is it you know, my littlest wolf?”

Hope stretches up to whisper conspiratorially. “I think it’s why Uncle Kol wanted to tie the knot. She’s got his babies in her.”

Klaus smiles now with utter delight.

“Is that so? …How very interesting.”

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