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Dear Spacer,

Thanks so much for making something for me! Very excited to participate in this swap!

I’m NRGburst everywhere- here’s my tumblr and AO3 if you want to get a look at things I like. 

I don't usually read: A/B/O, mpreg, modern AUs, crossover/fusions, kidfic.

I’m okay with any amount of romance/sex, from just acknowledging a mutual attraction with barely touching hands to PWP to married.

No non-con, character death or character bashing please.

I prefer things that have lots of female character POV. Missing scenes or canon fix-its are right up my alley! Details like callbacks and parallels make me really happy when I find them in canon, fic or art. I also like scientific/medical realism, worldbuilding details (including acknowledging the social networks characters belong to) and humor. As for tropes: I like happy/hopeful endings, friends to lovers, first/last time, grand sacrifices for others, reunions, and mutual pining.

I adore nicely structured fics. 5+1s, fics with epistolary breaks, intersecting character arcs, etc. And if your work has me analyzing, I will probably comment more than once! 

The Martian

Character: Beth Johanssen, Worldbuilding: Beth Johanssen IT company, Relationship: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen

Basically I want more Beth backstory because of the bio that the movie made up for her. Here's her psychometric profile from the Youtube Ares 3 promo series:
gif psych
psych profile tumblr
and the official character guide:
beth jo char guide
I want to know more about her software company! I want to know why/how/when she made such a huge career change when going private would almost certainly have meant more money and artistic freedom. I want to know if she went back in that direction after Ares 3. I want to know how her and Chris navigate having a relationship not-in-a-tiny-ship-anymore in that 5 year space between the end of what we see and them having a baby in the credits. Anything Beth-centric would be awesome! 

Relationship: Mark Watney/Mindy Park

(We found love in a hopeless place)

She figured out he was alive from two tiny clues on a planet 150 million km away. She synced her whole schedule to his Martian one and studied his movements and read his Morse code for months, the translator for his only communications. She’s smart (Masters in Engineering!) and dorky and funny, and she’s invested so much into his survival. And he has no idea she exists. (Not that he owes her- she was just doing her job well, and she’s rewarded for that within canon with promotions and overtime pay. But what if there was a spark of attraction when she can finally reply?)

Since movieverse Mindy seems to be talking to Mark while he journeys to the Ares 4 MAV ("He says to call him Captain Blondebeard.",) expanding on that would be awesome. Also I prefer background Beck/Johanssen, no adultery for the other crew.


Character: Gamora (MCU), Relationship: Peter Quill (Starlord)/Gamora, Relationship: Gamora & Nebula & Thanos, Relationship: Gamora & Nebula

I want all the Gamora backstory that we haven't gotten yet! She seems genuinely attached to Nebula despite their obvious rivalry. What was it like growing up under Thanos, enduring modifications and competing with those you call sisters? 

I also love Peter/Gamora because she’s been conditioned not to make emotional connections and this dorky, blundering asshole somehow forged one with her anyway. He makes her smile, makes her reach out, even if he exasperates her endlessly. I want to watch him screw up and make it up. I want to see the other Guardians (and the Ravagers) snerking and being a PITA. I want to see her blow his mind, and vice versa.

Hidden Figures

Relationship: Katherine Goble & Mary Jackson & Dorothy Vaughan, Worldbuilding: Mary Jackson road to NASA Engineer

What were her years of learning engineering like? How did she manage a full time job and school and family life? Historical details would be awesome!


I think that's it! Feel free to comment via anon if you need clarification/more details. Looking forward to seeing what you make! <3


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