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So I filled my first prompt ever today. LOL I almost never write AU, but the idea was just too good:

Bonnie's spell in 4x12 ends up permanent.

A Beast in a Box

It’s sort of ironic that the violence of Kol’s death enables Bonnie to trap Klaus indefinitely; that it was Esther’s murder that gave Bonnie the idea in the first place. Nobody resents it more than the caged beast himself. He rages and spends his fury on the invisible walls when they are there; trying to derive satisfaction from the way they flinch.

Elena and Jeremy shuffle past with their things in boxes, doing their best to ignore the threats and curses. Matt is more than happy to have them stay at his place.

He smashes the framed family pictures and marks the furniture to show his contempt. He regrets it later when he realizes the most comfortable place to sleep is the sofa. But mostly it fuels his bitter sense of injustice. They murdered his brother. They chose to defy him. And they will pay when he figures out how to get out.

Tyler is grimly satisfied when he visits. “Might not be able to kill you, but a life sentence will do. Shame about the smell.”
Klaus glowers. “Mark my words: I will get out eventually and then you’ll all be sorry.”
Tyler cocks his head and smirks. “Good luck with that. I’ve heard desiccation sucks.

Caroline has them all gather in the kitchen once the house is bare. They solemnly toast to a “Klaus free life” with tequila.
To his fury, Rebekah toasts with the rest of them.
“You’d throw your lot in with them over your brother? They killed Kol.”

She looks up bitterly, glaring at Elena, who backs away a step. “Kol attacked them- it was self defense. And he should have won. But he was foolish enough to keep the White Oak stake in his pocket. A stake he tried to use on me, if you recall. I can’t blame them even if I still hate them. And I have to say I rather like the idea of you being boxed for once. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind after ninety years. But I think a life without your agendas and orders is what I need. After all, look what standing by your side for nine hundred years got me.”

She’s crying, and she pushes off Stefan’s hand when he moves to comfort her.

“Just leave me alone. I’m tired of betrayals.”

Once she stalks out, they follow quietly.


The next three days are excruciating. He can’t interfere in the dreams of the humans outside because they all have vervain in their systems. When he tries shouting to lure someone in on the second day, Caroline steps inside and shoots him. He catches the first dart, but not the next two- he’s too slow; he needs blood. She smiles sweetly and brandishes the gun.

“Those were from Mrs. Lockwood.”

He glares and growls as he slides to the ground, but consciousness eludes him before he can hurl the dart back at her. That noxious weed. He should have burnt it from the earth the way they did the white oak.


When he wakes he’s too weak to stand. Too weak to do more than moan as his veins start rubbing together, as his heart struggles to continue to circulate the little blood he has left.

This should not be his end. He’s the most powerful creature on the planet. To be trapped by these children, by mere ants is unthinkable. They should be bowing to him; they should have obeyed; he’ll crush them when he emerges.

But with each breath more moisture escapes his body, and he’s only able to watch when Bonnie returns to magically seal him in a coffin.

There’s only darkness.

And the fury in the confines of his desiccated heart is everlasting.


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