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Fic/meta with links and mini-summaries here. Comment if you would like me to add you too- I f-lock more personal entries.

Feel free to translate, podfic and/or create fanart, fic or fanmixes based on my fics. Please just let me know, and link back to mine!

Similarly, all icons I create can be used as bases and re-transformed if you give me credit (and comment, so I don't call you out!) If you want to use my GIFs in your meta post, just credit.

Please do not archive or re-post any of my creative works elsewhere. This includes icons or GIFs into a tumblr set. (It's also against tumblr's TOS.)

Kimi no Na wa | 君の名は | Your Name

Deep Tie Knot- Mitsuha/Taki (Reunion) A happy little coda for the movie

icons x



Smitten- Moana/Maui, (Marriage) Reinterpreting the death myth of Maui.

icons x x

The Martian

Newton's First Law- Because there are ways to shake inertia, even in space. Johanbeck (Collision)

Friction- Because sometimes our own biology creates conflict

Coming to rest- Because "The Icarus Manuever" would have been way more accurate. (And the pretending comes to an end.)

Breaking Fasts- (Newton's Second Law) Ares 3 in the first year after. Johanbeck, Beth-centric, background Mark/Mindy

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The Originals

Lecherous Heart- Kol/Davina drabble straight after 3x14

In Limine Somnia- (On the threshold of dreams) Kol/Davina in the three days in between 3x14 and 3x15

Unmasked- Kol/Davina (First time/Last time)

And like a phoenix, I rise- Kol/Davina (Reunion)

Bound- Kol/Davina (Marriage)

"It's about chemistry; it's about connection." Kolvina ship manifesto

icons x

Star Wars

A Third Path-
Anidala series, AU diverging from canon from the end of AotC. Because sometimes consequences are blessings in disguise.

Human- you build me up and then I fall apart/'cause I'm only human

Angel- in the arms of the angel/fly away from here

Halo- every rule I had you breakin’/it’s the risk that I’m taking/I ain’t ever gonna shut you out

Collateral- Padme's relationships with her handmaidens through her years as Queen and Senator.

Blind Faith- Jyn/Cassian recovering after Scarif and then moving on with their lives in the OT timeline

icons x x x

How to Get Away With Murder

Unsteady- Coliver, Oliver-centric angsty introspection set just before (and then just after) 1x04.

The Best Day- Coliver, Connor wants to introduce Oliver to his sister.

Common Law- Coliver, on negotiating consent after the HIV diagnosis and 2x01.

D stands for...- Coliver. Because it's not Annalise keeping them up most nights.

I knew you were trouble (when you walked in)- Coliver S1 meta on the use of the Invitation trope and S2 spec

"It's always your fault."- Connor Walsh meta and spec for S2

Daredevil (MCU)

Guilty- Matt-centric oneshot. Foggy vs. Nelson stitching the day together with more medical and trial-like introspection.

The Hobbit/LoTR (Jackson-verse)

Mightier than swords- Tauriel-centric one-shot, exploring just why Tauriel goes off running after "the hot dwarf".

To Catch a Falling Star-
Kiliel coming of age series. AU BotFA fix-it- Kili survives.

Oh My Stars- Because some roles are shaped by both fate and choice

Counting Stars- A long expected journey (among other things)

Taking Chances- Because sometimes perspective can change everything. (There and back again)

Where all past years are-
Tauriel-centric, a Coda before the Halls of Mandos after Arda is remade.

Guardians of the Galaxy (MCU)

New Romantics- Gamora-centric Starmora, on "magic" and taking steps forward. Ficlet series.

Jar of Hearts- Because the parallels were killing me. Gamora and Rocket, body autonomy and life choices.

Shut up and Drive- LJ kinkmeme fill: “Peter's in his captain's chair. Gamora rides him. :)” Because sex can both complicate and fix things.

Roots before Branches- Because sometimes you end up taking one for the team

Starry Eyed Waif- LJ kinkmeme fill: "Dey’s daughter has a crush on the Starlord. Dey thinks that maybe this is even worse than Ronan’s attack on Xandar."

cons x x x

How to train your Dragon/Dreamworks Dragons

Learning to Fly-
Hiccstrid, set between Defenders of Berk and HTTYD2, inspired by the preview clips. Because they got that comfortable touching each other somehow.

Into the Open Air- Bad decisions (and some good ones) after becoming a couple. Chapter 2 of Learning to Fly.

Dark Horse- She's a warrior; he's a peacemaker. And good relationships are symbiotic.

Into the Fire- He might be a smith by trade, but Hiccup sometimes wishes it wasn't always trial by fire. (All Viking Tournament Part 1)

Edge of Glory- Because we are strongest when we are true to ourselves. (All Viking Tournament Part 2)

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy- Astrid doesn't like to take no for an answer

Hiccstrid Ship Manifesto - why I ship Hiccstrid. Meta, recs, pretty pics, the usual.

Ruffret (Ruffnut-centric), post HTTYD2. Because the most important person in her life has always been him.

State of Grace- Ruffret (Eret-centric). Because changing allegiances isn't easy.

(Coda)- Ruffret ficbit

Speaking a Dead Language- Hiccup-centric, on grief in the after. Because it's a process and love isn't a cure or fix.

Pacific Rim

Trajectory- Mako/Raleigh, M, post-canon. Because falling in love while grieving isn't straight-forward.

The Vampire Diaries

Shoes- Tyler/Caroline. That love scene from Tyler's POV at the end of 3x01 "The birthday party". Rated M/R since this is through Tyler's eyes and he is always unflinchingly honest, even about his own imperfections.

Coming to terms- Caroline/Tyler. Because Caroline is the kind of girl who would have had the perfect names picked out. T.

Reconnect- Caroline/Tyler, set immediately after 4x08. Because they really need to touch base again after all the crap this season. Rated M/R for sex, language, bloodsharing and self-harm.

Thaw- Caroline, Tyler and a doorway. Angsty hot/cold themes, emotional vs. physical struggles and door metaphors. And the obvious parallels from canon. Set right after 4x09 Rated K.

Deleted from Memorial- Caroline has issues. Set during 4x02. Caroline, Stefan and Damon the morning of the memorial. And then Forwood. Rated T- minor language and suggestive themes.

Function- Set between 4x06 and 4x07. Because they can make it work even if they're broken. Forwood, rated M/R for suggestive language.

Fighting Futility- Angst, Post 4x14, Forwood. Liz can't protect her daughter from much anymore. But little things can sometimes make a difference. Rated K/G.

The way- Angst/Romance, post 4x14, Forwood. Even if it takes a lifetime, they'll find a way.

A beast in a box- AU, Drama. Bonnie's spell in 4x12 ends up permanent.
A leaf in the wind; a deal with the devil- Post 4x14 The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Tyler is on the run when he gets an unexpected visitor. Rated T/PG-13, Drama/Adventure, Katherine, Tyler, Forwood.

A link in the chain; a cat in the cradle- Sometimes the underdog scores. Part 2. Warning: there is anti-American political commentary on the Vietnam war in this chapter.

A bird in a cage; a slant on the subject- Caroline reflects on life without Tyler; Tyler and Katherine disagree.

A thaw in the chill; a meeting of mice- Tyler and Katherine continue to butt heads and she finally reveals Tyler's role in her plan


Forwood in red- examining the relationship between the scenes where Tyler/Caroline are dressed in red and their actions

On Klaroline- examining the appeal of the Klaroline ship and why it is problematic.

Carol(ine): examining the relationship between Carol Lockwood and Caroline Forbes through the series.

Taking it personal: On Tyler Lockwood's character arc about overcoming abuse, and how its ending is completely offensive.

Forwood Master Post- MY OTP IS PERFECT- Reasons to ship Forwood

Team Forbes- examining the development of Caroline's relationship with her mom Liz


Batman/The Dark Knight


Bruce/Selina post- "The Dark Knight Rises". Taking off masks as they make their way to Florence

Set fire to the rain- Basically how to survive getting stabbed and then dodge a nuclear blast. :P This is formatting really weird and LJ kept blanking out whole bits for me, so please comment if it has disappeared!

The fear you won't fall- Bruce may be a paranoid guy, but Selina is the more emotionally cautious of the pair and I've tried to show that here as they embark on a relationship. Rated M for non-explicit adult situations.

Pieces of me- Inspired by damnyouautocorrect and a question: who exactly is Selina's roommate?

No apologies- One shot. Reflections during Gotham's occupation. Selina-centric with just a taste of Batcat. She might not apologize in the film, but there is more to her than that...

Final Fantasy VII

Reeve/Rufus set after DoC. Because the need to create is divine, but the need to love is only human.

Dilemma- A man who wishes to repay a debt to the Planet. A man who has been instrumental in both saving and rebuilding it. And a solution to the energy problem in a world without Mako.

Stay- A little staycation might end up as more than a fling...

Full Circle
Twelve months of Cloud/Tifa set between Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus. Moving forward, one step at a time. Shortlisted for Best Het Romance in the 2008 Genesis Awards.

September: (Aftermath) Come together- obvious I know. Yes, this assumes that AC occurred in August.

October: (Interlude) The sex haze month.

November: (Symbiosis) Idea for the chapter was the title. This was the basic idea for their relationship as well. That ying/yang way they were depicted in AC totally got to me.

December: (Winter Blaze) The proposal/snowboarding holiday chapter.

January: (Penance) DoC left two things to settle here- Geostigma remains and the ribbons are gone.

February: (Triangles and Resolutions) Not all relationship triangles are romantic. Social commentary disguised as fanfic.

March: (Special Delivery) An experiment in writing style: two timelines and dialogue-only sections.

April: (Promises) A dawn to dusk wedding chapter. My first song-fic.

May: (Memories) Again, title focused. The honeymoon.

June: (A Taste of Home) A long-delayed return to Nibelheim.

July: (Level Up) On forgiveness and growth. And a mini-environmental rant, to boot. My first beta-ed chapter, thanks to the lovely and talented Jenny Rocker

August: (Preludes to War) See NRG frown. See NRG plot. See NRG retcon like Nomura ought. Seriously: where is everyone for most of DoC?

Epilogue: (Full Circle) Death, and life in the face of it. Just the ordinary way of things...

References Spoilers abound, so click at your own risk.

The darkest hour... A drabble on grief. A missing moment from Advent Children. Our first Christmas without Stephanie led to this. Third place winner for Best Drabble in the 2008 Genesis Awards.

Get a beta, already A sarcastic piece on typos in the FFVII fandom. Turning badfic into something hilarious.

Revolutionary An AU ending to Ptolemy's Gate for the Bartimaeus fandom. Nat/Kitty. Starts after the encounter with Lime/Gaspar

"We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to." W. Somerset Maugham

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I don't have much of a blog here, but I've wanted to rectify that for quite some time.

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