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We really do live in a world where Twitter sways decisions! Looks like all the petitions and non-stop twitter activity has brought Netflix around:

Death doesn't let you say goodbye. 2 hour finale episode in the works. Tell your cluster.


Okay, now I'm not too depressed to keep working on the icons. My husband is back after a month away too, so maybe I can take a little break from parenting and moving stuff long enough to sit in front of my laptop to be creative for a few hours!

The moving thing is really kicking my ass. Literally too exhausted day after day to drag myself out of bed again after putting the kids to sleep to write or GIF or read. So I didn't sign up for [community profile] fic_corner , although I think [community profile] fandomgiftbox  still looks doable if I stick to icon making and not fic writing as presents.

Brief TV reactions: Shadowhunters- !!! YES MORE MAIA/JACE AND IZZY/EVERYBODY PLEASE and good riddance to Clary/Simon, The Originals- ZOMG YESSSSSS THEY'RE ALL FREEEEE!!! What an awesome season finale! Bring on the time jump! And iZombie: Make Jason Dohring a series reg for your final season and more scenes where he walks around in his underwear pleeease *shallow as a puddle* and awwww Ravi & Liv had such a touching final scene! 
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So I watched the series finale of Reign without watching the final season and lollerskates I forgot about the random witchcraft SLs they bring in sometimes XDDDD What was even happening there- was it like An Indecent Proposal but with morning after regret stabbing? Also, was Catcisse a thing again? How come he didn't die in agony like Nostradamus predicted in S2?! Poop. And ahhhhhh I was not expecting that version of heaven for Mary, BUT I APPROVE. MY SHIPPER HEART. Made me want to rewatch S1, and I might just do while packing/cleaning/selling. As a series finale, it felt rushed and ??? Like, we got the fate of our Three Queens spelled out, but Mary's ladies, Catherine's children and Narcisse didn't get a conclusive ending, which was a bit sad. 

Also, I am excited about the apparent end of Always~ and Forever~ next week on The Originals! :D Which totally won't stick because they got another season, but still. :DDDDD I loved seeing Jackson again the previous ep too! And Hayley breaking things off with Elijah because who he really is freaked her TF out is AWESOME. I know all the shippers are crying foul, but I love that she gets to see their relationship and the effect it's had on her and Hope with utter clarity? She's bled and suffered to protect an unrepentant monster; put her child in harm's way. If she didn't want to examine those decisions after he attacked her, that would be totally fucked up. And yes, she's a killer too. This doesn't mean she doesn't get to say no, she doesn't want to be with him. (Yes, I know this applies to Davina and Kol too, and I think it would have been awesome to see Davina have the same FUCK NO reaction to him after he killed her. Because that's a natural knee jerk reaction to have? Although in her case, she was aware the Ancestors had cursed him to kill her, so her perspective going in was different too- Hayley expected the gallant lover version of him or the sophisticated family man at his true core.)

Speaking of shrieking knee jerk reactions, this week's iZombie looks hilarious! Can't wait!


May. 22nd, 2017 10:19 am
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I'm baaaack! Went to Tokyo for a trip last week so we could have one last Disneyland/DisneySea visit (plus stop by to see the grandparents and cousins) and it was so much fun! The girls were more jaded this time though- they realized we didn't actually go to space on Star Tours, although they still think C-3PO is a terrible pilot. XDDD It was our first time to see the parades/shows/fireworks at night because they finally had the stamina to stay up! We'll definitely be back to DisneySea again because we were all exhausted and couldn't enjoy the park as much because of aching feet/grumpiness. Plus husband and I loved the atmosphere of each theme area- they paid a lot of attention to detail, and it was pretty nifty. My favorite was the Steampunk vibe of "Mysterious Island" and the detailed mosaics in the "Mermaid's Lagoon".

One thing: when we were on 20000 Leagues Under the Sea they stopped the ride due to some kind of emergency and we were stuck in the "submarine" for almost an hour until the staff came to get us! We had to climb out via a ladder and then walk on the rafters/rigging to a back entrance, with the ride displays below us, so the kids had all the magic/4th wall illusions taken out of that ride. Oh well. It was kind of cool to see anyway, although I wish they had compensated us a little better for the lost time: we got "priority ride" passes that were good for only unpopular rides, so we didn't use them. :(

Caught up on most of my shows now too! Grey's just got kind of a bzuh? reaction out of me mostly because spoilers for Grey's, iZombie and TO )

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I WAS SO FREAKING WORRIED! ABC made so many pilots (but didn't like very many of them, it seems) and the cancellation news stopped after a single show yesterday. TROLLS.

Receipts here at TVline and via twitter, with an explanation about the numbers at the former. Looks like DVR playback is also what helped save iZombie and The Originals!

SEASON 5 HELL YEAH! *dancing in my seat*

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meryl streep and j lojimmy fallon and elmo dancing

TVline articles here and here! BLESS YOU CW FOR MAKING GOOD PROGRAMMING DECISIONS THAT ALIGN WITH MY PREFERENCES. XDDDDD Now biting my nails waiting on AoS- ABC is making announcements. *crosses fingers*


May. 2nd, 2017 10:46 am
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Fox cancelled Pitch. :((((  I am so bummed. I know it was really not what the typical Fox viewer wanted to tune in for, but DAMN. I wish critical acclaim had more affect than $$$. :((( I also wish they'd put it on a better night to start- there was no way it was ever going to hack it on Thursdays against the lineup on ABC and CBS.
There is no talk of it being picked up by another network or Netflix/Hulu/Amazon. (Yet.) MPG and Kylie Bunbury stayed out of the running during pilot season in the hopes that it would be renewed. 

[community profile] space_swap  has been revealed! Honestly, hits/kudos are super low- not sure if it's because [community profile] maythe4thbewithyou  is imminent too. I know I'm waiting on making a rec post until there are more fics up my alley to glean through.

It's Golden Week here, and the weather is cooperating so I'm going to go dig in the garden a bit instead of being all mad and sad here at the keyboard. 

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Got my Triple Line Bingo submitted LIKE A BOSS. :DDDD I'm so proud of myself- it's the biggest bingo I've done yet, and some of the pieces have been really well received. :D 

Going to step back on fannish commitments, but I still have icons to make for [personal profile] monanotlisa  and A Third Path to continue. Plus it's Sweeps time in TV land again so WHICH OF MY FAVES IS GOING TO BITE IT THIS YEAR? 

I'm betting on: somebody on Jane the Virgin and somebody on iZombie dying to free up $$$, since their ratings are lackluster. AoS has been building on its base (YES) so with Mace gone for cannon fodder gravitas, I'm thinking all of our mains will make it out of the Framework and into another season. I'm thinking Fitz will remain Framework!Fitz though. :/

Honestly, I want them to kill Elijah off on The Originals. Maybe it's because I find him boring af. Seriously, what is his character trajectory? Anybody? Ratings have been steady, especially for a Friday night show, so I'm still thinking they'll renew. *fingers crossed*

As for Grey's: I think April/Jackson and Amelia/Owen are going to get back together. And I think Rigg's long-lost wife is going to pop back up in the finale.

TV meme

Apr. 10th, 2017 08:21 pm
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From [personal profile] alittlehuntress 

Give me a TV series and I'll tell you:

1. My all-time ultimate fave character:
2. A character I didn't used to like but now do:
3. A character I used to like but now don't:
4. A character I'm indifferent about:
5. A character who deserved better:
6. A ship I've never been able to get into:
7. A ship I've never been able to get over:
8. A cute, low-key ship:
9. An unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:
10. A ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:
11. My favourite storyline/moment:
12. A storyline that never should have been written:
13. My first thoughts on the show:
14. My thoughts now:

Fandoms in the tags!

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Well, obviously my faves are either dead or asleep but if I know myself at all, I'm pretty sure The Originals is going to capture my fannish heart again once it comes back on tomorrow. So I'm going to try to focus on getting Halo out today because otherwise who knows when I'll update. (If ever.) Sorry Grey's- going to watch you later too, although this Japril publicity does have me intrigued. 

Anyway, here are Marcel-centric and Vincent-centric sneak peeks for TO!

One thing that has me ??? is Josh supporting Vincent instead of Marcel in the second!? What is going on with the power dynamics in NO? Also I can't wait to meet Hope, the character, not the object that must be projected onto/protected. :D

Still 5 clues left unsolved in the puzzle meme! Anybody? There are more clues in the comments for #3 in the LJ entry, if you're stumped. 

Also, went to a local fertility festival on Wednesday. Phallic shaped snacks, free sake and carved penises (and foreigners) everywhere! Gotta love living here sometimes! :DDD 
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Brief thoughts on Shadowhunters 2x08 )

JTV 3x12 )

Agents of WHAT?! )

I was supposed to read American Gods and I've made it all the way through the intro, carried the book on the train a number of times and yet still haven't managed to read the rest of it. So because I just can't seem to get into it, I put it down and devoured another book instead: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. It's funny how her stories about shitty things she lived through makes such good perspective for others, (including myself). Lovelovelove. 

Grey's: way to take one of my favorite tropes (Reunions) and make it painful, grounded in stark reality and yet still somewhat hopeful. This is why I still love you.

I can't bear to watch HTGAWM live, so I'm going to wait so I can pause it when it gets too full on. I don't know if I can bear to see Wes die. :( 

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Today was a writing day again at long last! :DDD Have a good start on a Leia-centric fic for [community profile] trope_bingo .

So many fandom things to write about too:

I got spoiled on FB so I put off watching this ep of JtV until today. And seriously

Jane the Virgin 3x10 spoilers )

Speaking of characters that are supposed to be gone, HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE PROMO FOR THE ORIGINALS?!

She's dressed in white, like an angel. *cries* Not forgiving them for offing my faves (TWO IN THE SAME EP FFS) but I will take back my rage!quit threats if she gets to guest star a decent amount. (And maybe gets resurrected? Maybe? Please?)

Also I thought Malec had already done it, but I guess I was wrong about the implications of Alec saying, "Not much sleeping involved" last season. (Whoops.)

Anyway the next ep looks like great fun! :DDDD I'm totally Izzy. LOL

I binge watched Westworld over the last week too.  I really enjoyed it! If I'd known Jonathan Nolan was involved I might have watched it sooner. Naturally my fave got killed off, because my stanning instincts remain A+++. XDD The producers have hinted she might not actually be dead though, so hope remains. I should GIF her for [community profile] halfamoon but I'm still playing catch up on both real life and fandom things, so we'll see if I get some motivation tomorrow to cap. The review hunt being hosted sounds like fun too! 

I'm kind of meh over HTGAWM still. I don't know, it feels forced ("Spoon me"? Really?) and OTT and my favorite bits are actually the flashbacks and Michaela. This Wes thing is still breaking my heart and I feel like, zero forgiveness, nothing left to give you, show.

AoS remains awesome in its LMD arc. Don't like the foreshadowing that May's real body is going to give up though, although I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that is exactly why LMD!May's body is still hanging around. :/// 

ETA: I've figured out the DW html fail: any time I edit, it screws up tags for some reason. RME Note to self: leave typos as-is for less frustration.

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TV fandoms )

General fandom faves )
Recs )
Rants )

Numbers )

How was your year, f-list? I've only seen one of these up so far, would love to see more! :D


Oct. 2nd, 2015 05:35 pm
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I am still emotionally compromised by this episode.

Mostly !!! over Coliver and Annalise/Connor )

Basically I really need a drink now. XD Also how the heck does that prosecutor get assigned the case straight after her fumble? IDGI
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Okay, I'm just going to get straight to it: Team Coulson on the switch to Daisy Johnson. Because she's still the same person? Since when is what you are more important than who? IT RANKLES I DON'T LIKE IT Especially when you see shows like iZombie or TVD where the protagonist has also been through a life-changing transformation, and the narrative revolves around figuring out how to live in the wake of that. Trauma (or you know, puberty) marks you, changes you, but it doesn't actually alter your identity.

Anybody else have a different take on it? Like obviously if Skye no longer feels like Skye she can call herself whatever the hell she wants to and her word is the final word. But I just find it hard to compute that she wants to embrace an identity that has its roots inredacted files of bloody murders, watching Trip disintegrate when she uses her powers for the first time, having her birth mom go to war with humans and then try to murder her and finally, mind wiping her crazy dad (who murdered her mom to save her).It just feels implausible, even dishonest. Or like bending over backward to fit comic book canon.

Also my bet is on May also coming back InHuman after taking too many dips in Terrigen saturated waters.

And geez, do they always have to put Fitz through emotional grinders? That last scene was BRUTAL.

On a lighter note: I loved that Huntingbird proposal. I love "I love you"s that go nowhere near those three words. Hahahaha
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Some people show better than they tell, and OMG CONNOR WALSH YOU TOTALLY WIN THIS WEEK. Go on and move in with your boyfriend and totally eat your words and regret nothing!

The continuation of the doorway metaphor just made me squeal. :DDDDD BLESS YOU SHOW.


Plus this totally important scene that nobody seems to GIF Oliver's delightful reaction shot to? LOL
probably nsfw )

The premiere had me all !!!! throughout as well, but in a good way. Like I understand logically why the person who killed Rebecca killed her, but it was totally unexpected. Plus the Annalise reveals were all of the OMFG NO WAY variety. LOL

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Anybody else feel let down? I think there were too many inexplicable plot developments that just made it feel both inconsistent and anti-climactic. Even with the obvious time jump, it was sloppily outlined how the characters had gotten from the finale to this ep. And the shock value moments seemed like just that: one-off stunts that didn't add to the story. Famous guest stars were caricatures instead of characters compared to previous guest stars like Elle. And the music was boring to boot. :(

Good things:the final Lucious/Cookie (Lucious vs. Cookie? So hard to tell. LOL) and Jamal/Cookie scenes were riveting. Interesting incorporation of #blacklivesmatter to make the show feel current, but also detracting from the actual message, despite Hakeem's commentary about the cognitive dissonance. (Especially because we see Lucious and Frank with power and freedom aplenty behind bars.) And the shipper in me liked the Jamal/Michael reconciliation too, although it was one of the out-of-nowhere twists.

ETA: I also watched Blindspot and it was okay? It's like Blacklist where you have to actively suspend your disbelief when government agencies to do things like ignore rules and procedures. Sure unvetted civilian, please come along with our FBI unit and hop right into the action. Oh and white chick is more fluent in different Chinese dialects than our actually Chinese translators WOW THAT IS SO AMAZING THEY ARE LUCKY YOU ARE RIGHT THERE. She's obviously unclear that there is a difference between Mandarin and Cantonese, but whatevs, people are just reading the subtitles, right. XD
I was sharply reminded of this fic (where the author proudly went around proclaiming that her OC was totally not a Mary Sue, like at all) where bad guys jumped out at our clueless Jane Doe for no reason and ZOMG! She had all these badass martial arts skills despite having the muscle tone of Kate Moss and took them down like whooooaaa and then was all *blinking* and *shocked* while Leading Action Man (TM)  was impressed against his suspicious nature.

And lots of Lady Sif Jaime Alexander being naked and artistically tattooed a la Prison Break.  But it's an entertaining romp. I'm watching the second ep, anyway.
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First the S2 deleted scenes! CRYING OVER ALL THE FITZSIMMONS, NGL

Are you Inhuman? (Possible spoilers for S3) )

Also I've been re-watching S1 of Heroes and bwhahahaha their "Tokyo" sets and "Japanese" casting choices are totally cringeworthy. I suppose authentic localization wasn't so important even ten years ago, but it's funny how fast expectations change. I'm on ep 7 already-- it's such an easy show to binge watch with the constant cliffhanger TO BE CONTINUEDs spurring you on. Also it's nice to watch on DVD- feels like everything I watch is digital now, and both more and less convenient.
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So exciting to be getting promos and trailers! Nice to see the f-list posting in anticipation of fall TV as well. :DDD

Shows I'm most excited about:

HTGAWM- The highlight of the trailer for me was shirtless Connor and Oliver putting up a pillow wall between them, hahahaha:

Empire- More Cookie is always good. Plus Lucious getting his just desserts and not taking it lying down.

Heroes Reborn- Both my husband and I are looking forward to this one, although we gave up a couple eps into S3 of the original because we just became so disconnected from the characters. I might re-watch S1 just to admire its structure and the character arcs.

No trailers yet but I'm also super excited for AoS (DYING to find out what happens to Jemma), Jane the Virgin (not 'til October, boo) and Grey's Anatomy. There's a lot of residual bitterness from fans surrounding Patrick Dempsey's departure from Grey's still, but I think the new dynamic with Maggie, Amelia and Merideth at the 'frat house' sounds super fun. Will be interesting to see how both Grey's and TVD handle moving on from losing one of their leads. And of course, POI when it gets brought back mid-season for its final half season run. Sarah Shahi will be in most of the eps, so I am all :DDDDDDD.

Also going to watch: Reign (although my OTP is now kaput, and I'm sooo not looking forward to Lolcisse. Ugh.), iZombie, maaaaybe Castle, Blacklist and Blindspot.

Any other recs, f-listers? Also, is it weird that most of my faves are always on Thursday? Like I get the TGIT Shondaland thing, but it seems the other networks also try to stack shows with great ratings on Thursday too, while Friday is the death slot.
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Okay so after some discussion on 12's post about not letting LJ go gentle into the night, I'm going to make an attempt to be more active here. SO HERE HAVE SOME RANDOM STUFF.

Karmina and Mieko are making the soundtrack of my life right now. Music helps me write so much? I know some authors prefer complete silence, and I do occasionally, but usually I find some song and listen to it over and over until The Thing The Song Inspired is Done. (Yes, I am one of those people that will listen to a song on repeat. It drives my musician sister INSANE. Even if she can only see me hitting 'back' on my iPhone she is like, morally obligated to roll her eyes. LOL)

This Karmina song is so S2 Mary-- the music people on Reign did an amazing job:

"All the King's Horses"

I made a DW account so I could play trope bingo, which was great fun and thought provoking. Combing the tvtropes site is a fantastic time waster, hehe. I'm doing the next round for sure, even if my meta is not particularily ~deep and I had to rush the Katherine/Nadia one to get it in on time. (Flashback to school days! Well I'll settle for a lukewarm B instead of getting an auto fail.)

Golden Week has been truly golden here. Blue skies and that perfect balmy weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. So we've been enjoying the backyard and the beer festivals and outdoor play places for kids. (And it's finally raining so here I am on my computer. TYPICAL.)

Grey's Anatomy: BWAHAHAHA. If you weren't aware, they killed off yet another major character before the actor's contract was up. The fandom wank is hilarious and awful, and the finale was at some parts amazing (The callbacks! The music! The passing of torches! The red herrings!) and in many ways bizarre and completely unsatisfying (So Pierce and Alex are friends now but Amelia and Pierce are not? So Amelia was able to not fall off the wagon until her support system came back? So Alex will never in his whole life get proper turkey?) But I have fic coming from [ profile] waltzmatildah (Yay! ALSO GO CHECK OUT [ profile] fandomaid! My beta offer is still available and there are custom requests and auctions up now!) and will maybe dip my toe into that rather intimidating pool myself. I write reactionary fic to fandom opinions that piss me off WHAT CAN I SAY.

Also POI: These glimpses of Shaw are just giving me way too much hope. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FINALE.

We are not getting AoU until July here. *cries* like seriously as if I will not find a decent pirate version before then? JUST TAKE MY MONEY LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD. Also: [ profile] amber_protocol i want to know your AoU ~thoughts!


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