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So I was just mulling over how weird it is not to have a proper fall/winter/spring TV season anymore. Everything is so spread out! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET AWAY FOR THE SUMMER WITHOUT MISSING GOOD STUFF NOW. JULY IS GOING TO BE FULL OF AWESOME.

GoT spec based on the trailer )

Also, Spiderman: Homecoming

Is it wrong that I am more excited about watching this movie after seeing Tom Holland's epic lip sync battle performance? LOL 

Apologies to those waiting for Sense8 icons! I haven't forgotten- I'm partly done capping, but I get distracted watching the eps and then forget and then have to try to rewind and then my VLC crashes and ugh. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES PLEASE TRY AGAIN WHEN YOUR LAPTOP FEELS LIKE COOPERATING

Oh! On a personal note, booked tickets home! Two more months left before we move, yikes. 
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Got my Triple Line Bingo submitted LIKE A BOSS. :DDDD I'm so proud of myself- it's the biggest bingo I've done yet, and some of the pieces have been really well received. :D 

Going to step back on fannish commitments, but I still have icons to make for [personal profile] monanotlisa  and A Third Path to continue. Plus it's Sweeps time in TV land again so WHICH OF MY FAVES IS GOING TO BITE IT THIS YEAR? 

I'm betting on: somebody on Jane the Virgin and somebody on iZombie dying to free up $$$, since their ratings are lackluster. AoS has been building on its base (YES) so with Mace gone for cannon fodder gravitas, I'm thinking all of our mains will make it out of the Framework and into another season. I'm thinking Fitz will remain Framework!Fitz though. :/

Honestly, I want them to kill Elijah off on The Originals. Maybe it's because I find him boring af. Seriously, what is his character trajectory? Anybody? Ratings have been steady, especially for a Friday night show, so I'm still thinking they'll renew. *fingers crossed*

As for Grey's: I think April/Jackson and Amelia/Owen are going to get back together. And I think Rigg's long-lost wife is going to pop back up in the finale.
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Well, if you haven't seen The Last Jedi trailer yet, you've probably been living under some kind of social media-proof rock, but I'm posting it here just in case. LOL 

TLJ spec )


International trailers and other promos for GotG2 have also dropped, and the indication that Nebula&Gamora's relationship is going to be a key part of the narrative is making me SOOOO HAPPY! It's what I asked for in [community profile] space_swap  but REAL LIFE!!! :DDDD

More icons and GIFs obviously have to be made! I need to fix up the garden while the weather stays decent though- we're going to get pictures taken of the house this weekend so we can get into the process of selling. *gulp*
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So much amazing stuff to look forward to! posted a pic of an empty box yesterday and muffled screaming echoed across the world because LOOK AT OUR TRIO IN THE LAST JEDI, GUYS:

The Last Jedi spoiler spec and pic )
GotG 2/May 5th also can't come soon enough! I made these icons mostly from the trailers. Feel free to use them! They're sized for DW- most of them are too big for LJ. Credit/Comment, no hotlinking please.

GotG icons- mostly Baby Groot )

Also The Originals is back in less than a month! Check out the promo poster!

TO poster, icons and spec )

And as of 9 hours ago on twitter, Kylie Bunbury still doesn't know if Pitch will be renewed. *sigh*
breathe mami pitch ginny livan walk

ETA: Tried to cut to save image loading on reading/friend's pages but DW still hates div/cut tag interaction so I apologize for the formatting. *siiigh*
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Okay here is me putting my unbridled optimism down somewhere. Yes, I have only myself to blame if I get kicked in the teeth by canon, but I don't think anything I spec is too far fetched?

3x20 to 3x22 )


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