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Just wanted to signal boost the upcoming [community profile] fic_corner exchange !  Still in the process of brainstorming before nominations, so join and subscribe if you are into YA lit/fic at all! 

Also: next week's Shadowhunters looks AMAZING! I am so here for more Malec angst (and the emotional revelations)! 

Plus on The Originals Kol is FINALLY on his way to fight his own family but it's looking like him vs. Rebekah (who's always been his favorite sibling) and Marcel! :((( He's been on this path for ages, but he wasn't allowed to make that choice last year- Davina was dead; he had only his family left. Ahhh, I love terrible choices! XD Gimmegimmegimme (but leave Davina alive, please!)

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Hey f-list, just wanted to signal boost the [ profile] fandomaid appeal for Nepal. I've got two offers for both fic and beta-ing up (my fic offers were all taken while I was typing this entry up!), and there are tonnes of awesome offers going up! Donate to the Red Cross/Doctors without Borders etc. and get fandom goodies as an extra thank you for helping out those in need. It's a total win/win scenario!

Season finale for Poldark today. I have a bad feeling about this.

Spoilers for S1 of Poldark )


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