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Arduous journey home to Canada complete, with unpacking done and jet-lag mostly over! We won't get the rest of our boxes for another month at least, but that just gives me more time to get the superfun customs paperwork done!  (Yay?) Still car-less, phone-less and healthcare-less, BUT hopefully once I get my credit card in hand all that will change. I might even buy a used car for cash sooner than that- really used to having a rental available at least!

Also some really exciting developments on the citizenship front for my kids, which is awesome. It's been 8 years, and I'd given up on them getting a grant. Like, I was resigned to them coming in on "tourist" visas and just getting them renewed and living in the shitty gray zone until we leave. But with new legislation heading into the House in September, wheels are turning at IRCC again because our amazing Lost Canadian activist just won't give up. Might even go to Ottawa to help protest.

Fandom-wise: ahhhhh GOT is so good this season! OLENNA TYRELL GUYS. WHAT A QUEEN. WHAT AN EPIC DEATH SCENE. Plus I sort of can't believe Jon/Dany is actually happening after crackshipping it from character parallels for years. :DDDD CAN'T SOMEONE LEAK THE EPS I HATE WAITING

And no, haven't been able to watch Shadowhunters 2x18 yet although I watched the Malec scenes on Youtube just to torture myself. :'(

As always, late to the party but here is my fic positivity thread! Would love any sort of feedback! 

my thread here

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Okay we have 8 days left in Japan and I'm still trying to scan pictures so I can bring memories digitally instead of big stacks of albums and sell stuff. We aren't even started packing our suitcases. And we have so many bucket list people to see one last time and things to do and eat one last time. And now my kids are done school and expect entertainment. This is like The Perfect Storm. I'm sorely tempted to just get on the plane and LEAVE. ALL. THE. CRAP. BEHIND. So what if we lose a couple years of photos, right? siiigghhh 

In fandom news:
Game of Thrones is back and I'm suddenly shipping Missandei/Grey Worm like whoa. Those little glimpses in the trailers have got me so excited! They've had just the sweetest ~longing looks~ relationship where they've both vocalized how much they desire the other and yet have dutifully refused to act on their feelings. JUST DO IT ALREADY DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT SHOW YOU ARE ON. Like, other characters keep going on and on about how he has no equipment, and I'm like... that's not technically true? The way he shut down Daario on that with just a withering look last season was just A+++ XDDD Seriously they can have all the joys of a loving relationship with none of the childbirth/rearing stress! I'm feeling this is a fantastic life choice decision especially now. XD I love how much he *hearteyes* over her, how she's always the one making all the moves because he won't
Awesome premiere ep though. It was very much like setting up pieces on a chess board- you can probably see how it's all going down...but you're likely to be completely crushed by your expectations when things go absolutely sideways instead! "The Great Game is terrifying" and absolutely riveting teeveeeeee! :DDD

Here is my fandom giftbox if any of you are interested! I don't know if anybody else has one, but reply with a link yours if you do! I love stuffing, but I will obviously be doing it post-move!

Shadowhunters continues to delight more and more! I think it's Sebastian|Jonathan, but I'm waaay more interested in 2B than 2A or S1? I just wish there was more Izzy and less Clary, but fine, fine plot. (Why do I always glom onto non-main characters to stan in TV shows? There's got to be a psychological reason for this.) 


Jun. 14th, 2017 10:38 pm
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Sorry, this moving thing is really taking over my life. It's actually good that most shows are on hiatus now! So instead of thinking about narratives and characters all day, I'm cleaning and selling stuff. And getting really grumpy with people sometimes? e.g. when I say I'll be in the city in the morning so it'll be possible to meet, I am not saying I will deliver the item to you at night. That isn't how words work. Also: why is it a thing to ask for a discount right after I agree to a favor like holding an item? Give 'em an inch, they walk all over you, I guess, but aaarrgghhh. 

I am debating leaving my Moogle doll behind. I don't need it, especially when I think of how much it'll cost to ship perfectly mundane things like books and winter clothes home, but it seems such a waste to throw it away. Any FF fans out there want it free for shipping? It was purchased at the Square Enix shop in Tokyo. Pet and smoke free home.

Oh! THE ORIGINALS. Guys, my OTP got a Happily Ever After scene. Like, driving off into the "sunset". I am still just !!! and THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME, and I WANT ALL THE WORLD TRAVELLING FICS and OMG SHE DIDN'T DIE AGAIN (AND NEITHER DID HE). *cries* 

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Sense8 has been cancelled by Netflix on the first day of Pride Month. :(((( Also, to nobody's surprise, Drumpf pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, because America first 

I'm going to go write. Need to not be in this world for a bit.

ETA: I just donated to All Out. Just my usual monthly lunch money, but a little more proactive than making futile fist shaking posts.


May. 30th, 2017 11:29 am
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Went to the concert last night and it was amazing! The set was pretty short (less than 90 minutes) but such incredible performances- I'm so, so glad I got to go! My fave was Mitch in No (So good!) but it was nice to see all the love Avi was getting every time he spoke or got a solo bit. I'm bummed he's leaving the group, of course, but I'm glad they all seem to be moving forward on other projects and are just so supportive of his decision. Plus they kept loving on Japan, it was really cute. "This is our favorite country to tour! The food is so good here! Umai! Oishi!" XDDD I do wish they'd performed more songs from Classics (No Bohemian Rhapsody. :((( ) BUT Can't help falling in love was so beautifully done that it made up for it. SUCH FOOD FOR THE SOUL :'D

Pics under the cut, if you're interested. PTX Nagoya 2017 )


May. 22nd, 2017 10:19 am
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I'm baaaack! Went to Tokyo for a trip last week so we could have one last Disneyland/DisneySea visit (plus stop by to see the grandparents and cousins) and it was so much fun! The girls were more jaded this time though- they realized we didn't actually go to space on Star Tours, although they still think C-3PO is a terrible pilot. XDDD It was our first time to see the parades/shows/fireworks at night because they finally had the stamina to stay up! We'll definitely be back to DisneySea again because we were all exhausted and couldn't enjoy the park as much because of aching feet/grumpiness. Plus husband and I loved the atmosphere of each theme area- they paid a lot of attention to detail, and it was pretty nifty. My favorite was the Steampunk vibe of "Mysterious Island" and the detailed mosaics in the "Mermaid's Lagoon".

One thing: when we were on 20000 Leagues Under the Sea they stopped the ride due to some kind of emergency and we were stuck in the "submarine" for almost an hour until the staff came to get us! We had to climb out via a ladder and then walk on the rafters/rigging to a back entrance, with the ride displays below us, so the kids had all the magic/4th wall illusions taken out of that ride. Oh well. It was kind of cool to see anyway, although I wish they had compensated us a little better for the lost time: we got "priority ride" passes that were good for only unpopular rides, so we didn't use them. :(

Caught up on most of my shows now too! Grey's just got kind of a bzuh? reaction out of me mostly because spoilers for Grey's, iZombie and TO )

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One of the things I love about living here is the constant invention of crazy flavoured snack foods. Like, Eggs Benedict, Avocado Bacon or Strawberry chips? PERFECT FOR HANAMI PARTIES. So I always have to buy them because LOL whut BRING IT ON. XD I think the foulest tasting thing I've encountered are sea urchin flavoured chips- the weird and wonderful offerings are usually surprisingly palatable.

A recent sampler:

Pics under the cut )

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It's honestly so beautiful here right now. (Took this at the park today.) The blossoms here are mostly falling now (some still in full bloom) and there's just something magical and sad about finding stray petals caught in your purse and hair. Going to miss this!

Also, there have been some incredible trailers dropped that I HAVE to squee over because OMG HOW FUN DOES THIS MOVIE LOOK???


I actually opened Youtube by chance 12 minutes after it dropped (already 50000 views) and now it's at 19 million. I'm at least 10 of those, I think. LOL That moment when he's all "YES!!" is full of such unadulterated joy, I can't.

Also Sense8! 


Plus we are getting The Last Jedi trailer on Friday. ( And I thiiink I finally have a working idea for my [community profile] space_swap  assignment, plus a double (maaaybe triple) line bingo for [community profile] trope_bingo . Fingers crossed for all the productivity now that school is back in (although one kiddo is still only half days until next week). I can feel the ideas simmering, I just have to get all the words out in time!


Jul. 27th, 2015 10:03 am
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Just had a lovely week long family holiday. How awesome is it to travel around again? Lots of barfcidents because my children have crappy sphincters, but we still got to see new places and try new things and have adventures. Now for the next two weeks the kids are in summer "school" (they just play in the pool, eat school lunch and play outside before coming home) and I'm back to writing. Wheeeee!
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I am a worm, a worthless worm for not getting my fandomaid fics finished yet BUT SUCH AMAZING TV ON NETFLIX that I just have to come here and ahhhhhhh for a minute okayyyyy?

SENSE8 GUYS. SO MUCH LOVE. Kala is my fave, but I love all the characters and how this show is set in THE WORLD and not like, white people land. A+ themes too: empathy, identity, cultural/societal pressures, connection, evolution, processing grief/trauma. HOW LONG UNTIL SEASON 2 ALREADY

And Dragons: Race to the Edge is not super compelling for me. but I'm LOVING how it is not The Hiccup Show and more of an ensemble. Still haven't finished the series because my kids have been asking for MLP and Jurassic World (Ha!) over dragons but I'm not feeling anything fic worthy churning so I'm cool with the slower pace vs a binge. (Which is great, because I'm still going on my actual assignments. Like I go into negative word count some days because I keep deleting stuff but Guilty is taking better shape at last. As in it actually HAS a shape, YAY.)

Anyway- birthdays/whirl of sayonaras are finally over for the next six months or so, so back to writing full(er) time again. :D 
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Okay so after some discussion on 12's post about not letting LJ go gentle into the night, I'm going to make an attempt to be more active here. SO HERE HAVE SOME RANDOM STUFF.

Karmina and Mieko are making the soundtrack of my life right now. Music helps me write so much? I know some authors prefer complete silence, and I do occasionally, but usually I find some song and listen to it over and over until The Thing The Song Inspired is Done. (Yes, I am one of those people that will listen to a song on repeat. It drives my musician sister INSANE. Even if she can only see me hitting 'back' on my iPhone she is like, morally obligated to roll her eyes. LOL)

This Karmina song is so S2 Mary-- the music people on Reign did an amazing job:

"All the King's Horses"

I made a DW account so I could play trope bingo, which was great fun and thought provoking. Combing the tvtropes site is a fantastic time waster, hehe. I'm doing the next round for sure, even if my meta is not particularily ~deep and I had to rush the Katherine/Nadia one to get it in on time. (Flashback to school days! Well I'll settle for a lukewarm B instead of getting an auto fail.)

Golden Week has been truly golden here. Blue skies and that perfect balmy weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. So we've been enjoying the backyard and the beer festivals and outdoor play places for kids. (And it's finally raining so here I am on my computer. TYPICAL.)

Grey's Anatomy: BWAHAHAHA. If you weren't aware, they killed off yet another major character before the actor's contract was up. The fandom wank is hilarious and awful, and the finale was at some parts amazing (The callbacks! The music! The passing of torches! The red herrings!) and in many ways bizarre and completely unsatisfying (So Pierce and Alex are friends now but Amelia and Pierce are not? So Amelia was able to not fall off the wagon until her support system came back? So Alex will never in his whole life get proper turkey?) But I have fic coming from [ profile] waltzmatildah (Yay! ALSO GO CHECK OUT [ profile] fandomaid! My beta offer is still available and there are custom requests and auctions up now!) and will maybe dip my toe into that rather intimidating pool myself. I write reactionary fic to fandom opinions that piss me off WHAT CAN I SAY.

Also POI: These glimpses of Shaw are just giving me way too much hope. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FINALE.

We are not getting AoU until July here. *cries* like seriously as if I will not find a decent pirate version before then? JUST TAKE MY MONEY LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD. Also: [ profile] amber_protocol i want to know your AoU ~thoughts!
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(Besides using this journal as a fic back up. hehe.) Really, now we all know LJ is dying but I'm loving seeing my f-list pick up, so win? *waves*

Also: I liked the iZombie pilot. The CW really loves to recycle its actors, huh? And [ profile] wheatear has convinced me to give Poldark another shot and I enjoyed it. (The first time had me snorting with laughter as Aidan Turner swooned, so I gave up. Like, it seemed the wrong foot to get off on with a period show. But I'm glad I persevered now.) (Also I'm so used to seeing him as a dwarf that I'm constantly surprised by the full body shots. He's so tall!)

And Orphan Black and GoT and Age of Ultron to look forward to in the next couple months! :D PLUS BOTH MY KIDDOS WILL BE IN KINDERGARTEN. So I'm going to do my best not to write fanfic and focus on the novel. *crosses fingers*
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BECAUSE I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH. Like I might buy the CD version too just to get the polaroids and because I like looking at the lyrics as I listen levels of love. How awesome are the peeks into the songwriting process with the bonus tracks? My faves so far: "I Know Places", "Wildest Dreams" and "Wonderland", although they are all such great tracks that it keeps shifting.

The only thing that bums me out is that this is basically going to be the soundtrack to me saying goodbye to my best friend. She's leaving Japan Wednesday and you know, I knew it was coming. I've been here so long that I've been to more Sayonara parties than I can count. And I know this isn't really goodbye. We live in a world of discount airfares, Skype and iMessage. But it's so hard for me to find a kindred spirit that I know things are going to feel empty 'round here for a bit.
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So here's my dose of Engrish for today:

Er... Yeah. Living here is weird sometimes. I guess the app only does landscape ginormous pics, sorry f-list.

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We are officially moved in NOW THAT WE HAVE BROADBAND! :DDDDDD Nevermind the boxes and that the bedframe is still in pieces, this is my standard, 'kay?

Anyway here are some pics since I thought they would tickle you guys:

Cool Japanese doo-dads )


Jan. 12th, 2014 02:47 pm
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Just a quick post to say, "Hi!" Have been busy and mostly online on my phone only- my husband's uncle passed away on Christmas day so we had to scrap our holiday plans and rush to the funeral. Plus we are moving in two weeks into our new house, so I've been packing and cleaning.

Watched a few movies during the holidays: Frozen and Gravity were the best, hands down. Watched Rise of The Guardians as well due to the abundance of Jack Frost/Elsa (Perfect crossover ship!) posts in the #frozen tag on tumblr, but TBH it didn't enthrall me or the kids. They are on a big dinosaur kick now since Walking with Dinosaurs is being promoted everywhere, but the new film looks cheesy and stupid- why the real people? CG DINOS ONLY AND NO MORONIC VOICEOVERS PLS. We are sticking to the BBC series and March of the Dinosaurs instead.

And we have new TV back and I am still behind on watching! Priorities:

AoS: O.M. G. Wow, way to guilt trip the Marvel fandom for wanting Coulson to live.

Elementary: 200% better when Moriarty is back.

Will hopefully get back online regularly in a few weeks! Until then I will mostly lurk. :D
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I'm offering up buy it now betareading services for fandomaid's Superstorm Sandy campaign. Details here- comment on that thread to BIN. :)


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