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I WAS SO FREAKING WORRIED! ABC made so many pilots (but didn't like very many of them, it seems) and the cancellation news stopped after a single show yesterday. TROLLS.

Receipts here at TVline and via twitter, with an explanation about the numbers at the former. Looks like DVR playback is also what helped save iZombie and The Originals!

SEASON 5 HELL YEAH! *dancing in my seat*

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What an ep! They just keep raising the stakes! RENEW ALREADY ABC PLEEEEEASEEEEEE
spoilers all the spoilers )spoilers all the spoilers )

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Spoilers for AoS 4x20  )
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First, I have to rec this AMAZING fic! It's hilarious, with gorgeous prose, characterization and the sweetest kind of Bagginshield angst.

Private Contemplations by Margo_Kim (M, The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, masturbation)


Also this morning we got confirmation!TO spoilers )

Also OMG AoS looks like it will continue to be mind blowingly good this week! 

DAISY AND MAY KICKING ASSSSSSSS!!! Apparently this particular stunt got Ming Na Wen yelled at by her mom. LOL 

So glad [community profile] space_swap  is posted! I was a total stalker and checked the tag set after my gift got posted and I'M SO EXCITED. LOL Hurry up May 1st! Now I need to get cracking on [community profile] trope_bingo  and I have to resist signing up for any more exchanges although Not Prime Time looks totally up my alley. Woe. Do need to focus on moving though. 

TV meme

Apr. 10th, 2017 08:21 pm
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From [personal profile] alittlehuntress 

Give me a TV series and I'll tell you:

1. My all-time ultimate fave character:
2. A character I didn't used to like but now do:
3. A character I used to like but now don't:
4. A character I'm indifferent about:
5. A character who deserved better:
6. A ship I've never been able to get into:
7. A ship I've never been able to get over:
8. A cute, low-key ship:
9. An unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:
10. A ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:
11. My favourite storyline/moment:
12. A storyline that never should have been written:
13. My first thoughts on the show:
14. My thoughts now:

Fandoms in the tags!

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So the last scene in the ep had me like Fitz in the icon.

AoS 3x16 What if... )

Grey's, The Originals and iZombie )
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Spoilers for The Originals, iZombie and AoS )Short reactions to media consumed this past week-ish:

 Passengers (Rape Culture Redemption Story In Space. I am seriously contemplating writing a fix-it because WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT ENDING) 
The Originals 4x01 (Meh. My faves weren't in it. I got totally emo over Hope wearing Davina's bracelet though) 
Grey's (Yay Japril is back together-ish!)
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Inspired by [ profile] wheatear

To celebrate Women's History Month, here's a meme! I have selected 15 female characters from 15 fandoms. Try to guess who they are from the clues! Fandoms listed in tags, characters chosen are mostly my faves. :)

Guess the character! )

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Brief thoughts on Shadowhunters 2x08 )

JTV 3x12 )

Agents of WHAT?! )

I was supposed to read American Gods and I've made it all the way through the intro, carried the book on the train a number of times and yet still haven't managed to read the rest of it. So because I just can't seem to get into it, I put it down and devoured another book instead: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. It's funny how her stories about shitty things she lived through makes such good perspective for others, (including myself). Lovelovelove. 

Grey's: way to take one of my favorite tropes (Reunions) and make it painful, grounded in stark reality and yet still somewhat hopeful. This is why I still love you.

I can't bear to watch HTGAWM live, so I'm going to wait so I can pause it when it gets too full on. I don't know if I can bear to see Wes die. :( 

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Today was a writing day again at long last! :DDD Have a good start on a Leia-centric fic for [community profile] trope_bingo .

So many fandom things to write about too:

I got spoiled on FB so I put off watching this ep of JtV until today. And seriously

Jane the Virgin 3x10 spoilers )

Speaking of characters that are supposed to be gone, HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE PROMO FOR THE ORIGINALS?!

She's dressed in white, like an angel. *cries* Not forgiving them for offing my faves (TWO IN THE SAME EP FFS) but I will take back my rage!quit threats if she gets to guest star a decent amount. (And maybe gets resurrected? Maybe? Please?)

Also I thought Malec had already done it, but I guess I was wrong about the implications of Alec saying, "Not much sleeping involved" last season. (Whoops.)

Anyway the next ep looks like great fun! :DDDD I'm totally Izzy. LOL

I binge watched Westworld over the last week too.  I really enjoyed it! If I'd known Jonathan Nolan was involved I might have watched it sooner. Naturally my fave got killed off, because my stanning instincts remain A+++. XDD The producers have hinted she might not actually be dead though, so hope remains. I should GIF her for [community profile] halfamoon but I'm still playing catch up on both real life and fandom things, so we'll see if I get some motivation tomorrow to cap. The review hunt being hosted sounds like fun too! 

I'm kind of meh over HTGAWM still. I don't know, it feels forced ("Spoon me"? Really?) and OTT and my favorite bits are actually the flashbacks and Michaela. This Wes thing is still breaking my heart and I feel like, zero forgiveness, nothing left to give you, show.

AoS remains awesome in its LMD arc. Don't like the foreshadowing that May's real body is going to give up though, although I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that is exactly why LMD!May's body is still hanging around. :/// 

ETA: I've figured out the DW html fail: any time I edit, it screws up tags for some reason. RME Note to self: leave typos as-is for less frustration.

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This LMD mid season arc is SO GOOD. I'm glad ratings are reflecting that too! 

Read more... )


The title of tomorrow's ep is "We're Bad People", in stark contrast to 3x01's "We're Good People Now". 


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Ganked from [ profile] frelling_tralk:

Give me a character and I'll tell you:

Why I like them

Why I don't

Favourite Season:

Favorite episode:

Favourite Line:

Favorite outfit:



Unpopular opinion:

A wish:

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:

Fandoms listed in the tags!

And I'd love to celebrate and spread More Joy Day even if it's technically the 21st here now! Any wishes? Feel free to comment or message me if you'd prefer your wish to stay private.

Also here's another Friending meme if you want to expand your DW circle:

Fandom Snowflake Challenge Friending Meme banner

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This is one of my favorite shippy tropes. Characters who know each other so well that they can read each other’s minds and therefore act with unthinking synchronization. Extra points for when it’s displayed under extreme pressure.

Usually we see this in fight scenes. E.g. Huntingbird from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (with bonus bickering, hahahah):

Or Mako/Raleigh (Maleigh) from Pacific Rim (Mentally linked via machinery, although they had to demonstrate this kind of compatibility first.):

Or from The Incredibles (Helen and Bob Parr):

And then there are pairings who take this to a whole new level like Fitzsimmons (also from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Co-dependent to start, and now independent after being separated several times-- and yet still very much connected.

"You and Simmons are so tight. It's like you're psychically linked." )
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Okay, I'm just going to get straight to it: Team Coulson on the switch to Daisy Johnson. Because she's still the same person? Since when is what you are more important than who? IT RANKLES I DON'T LIKE IT Especially when you see shows like iZombie or TVD where the protagonist has also been through a life-changing transformation, and the narrative revolves around figuring out how to live in the wake of that. Trauma (or you know, puberty) marks you, changes you, but it doesn't actually alter your identity.

Anybody else have a different take on it? Like obviously if Skye no longer feels like Skye she can call herself whatever the hell she wants to and her word is the final word. But I just find it hard to compute that she wants to embrace an identity that has its roots inredacted files of bloody murders, watching Trip disintegrate when she uses her powers for the first time, having her birth mom go to war with humans and then try to murder her and finally, mind wiping her crazy dad (who murdered her mom to save her).It just feels implausible, even dishonest. Or like bending over backward to fit comic book canon.

Also my bet is on May also coming back InHuman after taking too many dips in Terrigen saturated waters.

And geez, do they always have to put Fitz through emotional grinders? That last scene was BRUTAL.

On a lighter note: I loved that Huntingbird proposal. I love "I love you"s that go nowhere near those three words. Hahahaha
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First the S2 deleted scenes! CRYING OVER ALL THE FITZSIMMONS, NGL

Are you Inhuman? (Possible spoilers for S3) )

Also I've been re-watching S1 of Heroes and bwhahahaha their "Tokyo" sets and "Japanese" casting choices are totally cringeworthy. I suppose authentic localization wasn't so important even ten years ago, but it's funny how fast expectations change. I'm on ep 7 already-- it's such an easy show to binge watch with the constant cliffhanger TO BE CONTINUEDs spurring you on. Also it's nice to watch on DVD- feels like everything I watch is digital now, and both more and less convenient.


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