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 Well one of my predictions was accurate: 

Megan, Owen's sister and Nathan's wife came back after being missing for years. Like, it just felt like it was time for a parallel to Addison making her bombshell entrance in the finale of S1, especially since they deliberately cast Nathan Riggs to look like Derek and Megan as a redhead (Bridget Regan back on another of my shows, HELL YEAH!). Merideth has grown a lot; she has a lot less emotional attachment to Nathan, therefore she had to react differently this time. She did, but it felt a bit like she was shoving down the FML reaction for later, once she'd had a chance to process.

And wow. I did NOT see Edwards making an exit like that. :O I knew Jerrika Hinton was cast in another show, but that happened last year as well and she was still right back to being Stephanie a couple months later. Pilots have a way of like, not taking off, and they'd given her enough conflict for developing storylines? (She's not guaranteed to be dead, especially since the finale ep description seems to act like the rapist patient made it, but um. I doubt it.) I'm glad she went for the alcohol over the scalpel too.

Matthew Morrison as Jo's abusive ex-not-ex, too! LOL So weird. I can't seem to associate him with anything but Glee

Also really not liking the hints towards Jackson/Maggie and zero time spent on Japril since their bottle ep. What's up with that?

Is anybody else watching GA on the reading list? Thoughts on the finale?


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