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Well, it's the 5th here BUT it's the 4th for most of you still (I think) so here are some recs to celebrate!

Knowing from the First by Merfilly (Rogue One, Chirrut/Baze, G, Soulmate identifying marks, 100 words)
Chirrut knew always.

I love how this fic explores how Chirrut can't see either mark, but he's still Chirrut: always certain.

Five Things that happened to Rogue One after Scarif by anonymous (Rogue One, ensemble, G, 1361 words)
It was surprisingly normal, afterwards.

Just a clever little team-as-family fic. I love the thoughts about the remnants of the kyber in the Death Star, and K-2's final line.

The Storm by anonymous (Original Trilogy/Sequel Trilogy, Han/Leia, G, 828 words)
Set between "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens"

Written based on this line in the Dear Yoda letter:
"If you want to show me a cataclysmic fight or the day Han left and didn't come back, go for it!"

Why do we hurt the ones we love the most? (Because we can.) This is a picture of a family breaking apart and those last ugly words. It's not pretty, but it's honest. 

Favorite Color by Merfilly (Prequel/Original Trilogy, Anakin Skywalker|Darth Vader&Luke Skywalker, G, 100 words)
A look inside Vader's mind at the moment. 

Another great drabble about a tiny detail: what was it like to perceive only a world in shades of red?

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sharpest_asp: Stylistic merging of the Republic, Imperial, and Rebellion symbols (Star Wars: Era Symbols Merged)
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Thank you.


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