May. 2nd, 2017


May. 2nd, 2017 10:46 am
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Fox cancelled Pitch. :((((  I am so bummed. I know it was really not what the typical Fox viewer wanted to tune in for, but DAMN. I wish critical acclaim had more affect than $$$. :((( I also wish they'd put it on a better night to start- there was no way it was ever going to hack it on Thursdays against the lineup on ABC and CBS.
There is no talk of it being picked up by another network or Netflix/Hulu/Amazon. (Yet.) MPG and Kylie Bunbury stayed out of the running during pilot season in the hopes that it would be renewed. 

[community profile] space_swap  has been revealed! Honestly, hits/kudos are super low- not sure if it's because [community profile] maythe4thbewithyou  is imminent too. I know I'm waiting on making a rec post until there are more fics up my alley to glean through.

It's Golden Week here, and the weather is cooperating so I'm going to go dig in the garden a bit instead of being all mad and sad here at the keyboard. 


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