Apr. 30th, 2017

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Got my Triple Line Bingo submitted LIKE A BOSS. :DDDD I'm so proud of myself- it's the biggest bingo I've done yet, and some of the pieces have been really well received. :D 

Going to step back on fannish commitments, but I still have icons to make for [personal profile] monanotlisa  and A Third Path to continue. Plus it's Sweeps time in TV land again so WHICH OF MY FAVES IS GOING TO BITE IT THIS YEAR? 

I'm betting on: somebody on Jane the Virgin and somebody on iZombie dying to free up $$$, since their ratings are lackluster. AoS has been building on its base (YES) so with Mace gone for cannon fodder gravitas, I'm thinking all of our mains will make it out of the Framework and into another season. I'm thinking Fitz will remain Framework!Fitz though. :/

Honestly, I want them to kill Elijah off on The Originals. Maybe it's because I find him boring af. Seriously, what is his character trajectory? Anybody? Ratings have been steady, especially for a Friday night show, so I'm still thinking they'll renew. *fingers crossed*

As for Grey's: I think April/Jackson and Amelia/Owen are going to get back together. And I think Rigg's long-lost wife is going to pop back up in the finale.


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